The Monster Within

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The eyes

Locking my door behind me, I sighed and dropped my stuff on the floor. I then walked into the bathroom to take a shower, I stripped naked and turned on the shower. Once the shower was warmed up I got in. The warm water hit my back and face, drowning away my sorrows. Once I finished, I shut of the shower, wrapped the towel around my waist, and stared at myself in the mirror. However I noticed something. Blood began to trickle down from my nostril, I then started to feel dizzy. I then collapsed and passed out.

When I woke, I was in a long corridor. An empty hallway that lasted for infinity, the only sounds were the light buzz of the small light bulbs that dimly lit the forever darkened hallway. With nowhere else to go, I began to walk forward. Each footstep ending with a loud echo through the corridor and an occasional creak from the old floor boards that made the floor of the hallway. As I proceeded to walk down the endless hall, I started to grow more and more uneasy. My heart started to beat out of my chest, chills cascaded down my spine. But before I could proceed any further, the hallway ended with a wall. On the wall was a single mirror hanging from a nail. The mirror was covered with dust and smudges, as I wiped away the layer of age and history away from the mirrors surface I saw myself. But I also saw something else. behind me was a creature towering above me by a couple of feet.

I quickly turned around to see nothing. As I turned back to face the mirror, right in front of me was my friend Sam. But instead of her happy expression and blue eyes, she had a resentful expression and her eyes were empty like holes. I was so startled that I fell to the floor. Though when I looked up she was gone. I had never been so confused and scared in my life. But before I could regain myself, I started to fall into an empty dark void of infinity. As I fell, Eyes of every size appeared and stared at me. Whispers and screams filled my ears. I then started to plea, praying to God hoping something good will happen. But then a deep gravely voice broke through the voices and said,

"God will not help you."

I then woke up in sweat and tears. I started to sob, still naked. I laid in that fetal position for hours, not daring to drift asleep.

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