The Monster Within

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Isolating myself after I treaded that cursed corridor, I missed several of my therapy sessions and I have been ignoring my friend Sam. I dreaded the thought of sleeping ore even daring to close my eyes for more than five seconds, I jumped at every single sound. Though even when I was alone, I never shook the feeling of the eyes, their gaze melting through my soul.

I sat in a corner, curled up like a small child. The silence was deafening. However I needed to go to the bathroom. After I did my business I stared at myself in the mirror. But as I stared at myself contemplating, a voice broke the silence.

"Matthew." It spoke in a deep menacing voice. It was the same voice from my dream. Being startled, I tumbled backwards into the wall. I then began to yell in the mirror,

"Wh-WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT?!!" then my reflection then pointed and said in the same voice,

"You." I fell on the floor from shock. I got back, my reflection looked deformed and monstrous. Its face was melted and deformed, it had gaping jaws, with black liquid dripping and leaking from it, it had empty sockets which had lite smoke rising out of each socket, and its jaw just seemed to hang open with no purpose. I then began to ask it,

"Wh-Who are you?" It then replied without moving its mouth.

"I am the one who offers you happiness, riches, love, anything you ever thought you wanted. You may drink the richest of wines and liquors, dine at the longest of halls, have the heads of your enemies beneath your feet, the knowledge of the vast universe, and the power of life and death just at your fingertips. However, I ask one favor in return. But you must be sure that you want this power in which millions have died for." I paused for a second, trying to take in everything I was told. I then demanded,

"What is it that you want in return?" It then spoke.

"In order to have this power, you must give me permission to take your soul." My heart sank. But the more I thought of it, the more I wanted it. So I agreed to his deal. He then spoke yet again.

"Good, now sleep." I then felt drowsy and collapsed on the floor, blacking out. But I then heard the beast say,

"You made the right choice."

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