The Monster Within

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Personal Demon

"So how have you been since our...last session, you feel a little better?" My therapist asked. I responded.

"Have you ever felt like someone is watching you?" He then looked confused. He then asked,

"Matthew, are you alright? Is it the medication? Because if it is I could take you off it."

"No, its not the medication, its something else. Its standing there." I said as I pointed in the corner. He looked in the corner with a look of concern and confusion on his face. He then looked at me saying,

"Are you feeling alright Matthew?" I replied,

"I'm never alright, and I have told you this many times. When are you gonna take the hint." I sighed.

"I'm sorry, I know you're just trying to do your job. Its just been a little rough these past couple days. I had an awful dream." He then replied.

"Tell me about it." But as I was about to speak, he started to cough and gag. I looked with confusion. My therapist then started to grasp at his throat as if something or someone was strangling him. He was then was lifted into the air, gasping for breath. I looked in horror for there was nothing I could do except watch in horror of what was happening before me. My therapist then stopped moving, he went limp. His eyes were red and blood came from his nose and mouth.

The force that was holding him then released him, his body fell to the floor releasing a loud thud. Knowing I would be blamed I quickly running out of the office and out the building, shoving anyone who was in my way. I didn't drive a car, so I ran all the way back to my house. Once I was home, I yanked the door open and slammed it behind me panting. I didn't bother to lock it, for my mind was racing with a million thoughts. Running to the bathroom, I immediately looked at myself in the mirror and started to yell at myself.

"This was never part of the deal, you promised me whatever I wanted. Not to kill my fucking therapist!" Then the demonic voice then spoke.

"Maybe so, however the he slowed you down. Squandered your potential. He never helped you and he never cared about helping you. You must realize, to reach the summit of the mighty mountain you must cut away the weight of delusion in order to reach the heavens." I then replied.

"WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!! I wanted a better life, but I didn't want this! The deals off! You can take your shitty deal and shove it up your a-" before I could finish I was lifted in the air and pinned to the wall behind me. Struggling to move and breath, I could feel my chest being pressed down by an abnormal force. Then the voice spoke.

"If you wish not to be granted the wishes I bestow upon you, Then you shall suffer the consequences of the happiness you will not be gifted. YOU SHALL KNOW TRUE SUFFERING" my reflection then turned to the hideous creature I saw before, and spoke in the same voice, saying,


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