The Monster Within

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Conflict of the Mind

"Why do you try so hard to reach something that is unatainable to the mortal coil? Your determination is ever so vibrant in the infinite darkness that surrounds you, Matthew." Said the voice. I covered my ears in a desperate attempt to shut it out.

"Goddamn it. Leave me alone!!" I shouted to myself. The voice yet spoke again, this time more distorted and snarly.

"YOU CANT RUN FROM THE TRUTH THAT HAUNTS YOU. YOU CANT ESCAPE THE MADNESS THAT ENSARES YOU." I burst into tears as I layed onto the floor. As I sobbed in a fetal position, I could feel his gaze burn into my soul. I stood up, I didn't bother to wipe the tears from my eyes. I could feel his eyes fixated on me. I could barely stand on my feet, I stumbled into the bathroom and leaned over the dirty sink.

Throwing up blood into the sink, staining it in red. I felt natious and dizzy, the room shifted and twisted around me, my mind danced in insanity. As I collapsed onto the floor, I could see him standing above me with his empty eyes and deformed face fixated onto me.

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