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Lara was different She wasn't like other children To her parents she was an angel but to others she was a devil She was like the two sides of a coin She is the wind that can destroy you or the wind that can keep you chilly

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter one


It was very stormy that day, I stood near a tree folding my hands into my sweater

The strong wind hit me as lighting struck loudly

It was really a hectic day today, looking at the cloud one could tell it was going to rain heavily and being outside will be a bad idea

"Come on Mona, just forget it let go" I shouted hoping she will listen to me but all went in vain she was busy wearing her swimsuit, so I decided to try again

"Mona, trust me they isn't gold in that water, the people said the water is sacred ain't you scared something bad is gonna happen or we could get cursed"I said shouting out "cursed" word more loudly

I thought she won't answer but hopefully she did

"Come on sammy, we could get rich and there is notting like scared or cursed, now watch out for me, am going into the water" she said

I was really scared we we're in the middle of the jungle surrounded by trees

I could hear sounds of animals, as the cold wind whistled through the trees

"Be fast Mona it about to rain"

She has been there for almost half an hour

"Mona, Mona" I called out her name

No answer

"Mona are you okay

I was getting scared, I hope she is okay

I knelt down near the river looking down, whether I could see her

But I saw notting, I knelt near the river, crying and thinking something bad happened to her when I heard a laughter

I knew, I was the only one here who was it, I was scared of turning. The laughter continued

I put my hands close to my ear to stop hearing it when I felt a tap on my shoulder. My heart pounded, I was really scared

I found courage and turned

It was Mona, then she started laughing

"Sammy look at you, it like you saw a ghost"she said

"Stop man that wasn't funny at all" I thought something bad happened to you

"Awww, you can't live without me"she said doing that stupid pout face

I rubbed my hands on my chin feeling embarrassed

When I noticed something shining on her hand.

"Wow, what's that"I said

"It a golden neckless, I found" she said. "I found this human skeleton it was holding the neckless so I took it, doesn't it look nice in me" she said while putting it on her

Mona was crazy, she cared about notting, she wasn't scared of anything, she always lived life to the fullest

I looked at her while rolling my eyes before I spoke

"Mona who steals from a dead person, go return it back"I said

"No am not gonna do that" she said

Before I could say anything the wind became stronger, the clouds became darker and lighting struck louder.

"Mona, the weather is bad, let leave you will return it tomorrow"I said while holding her hand

But who knew, they won't be tomorrow for us

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