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Based of the 2018 Video-game, AMONG US Is about a crew losing contact with mission control and salvaging the rest of the escape pods to create a mega escape pod to fit all 12 of them. The thing is, one of them is evil and is “The Betrayer Among Us” So they must avoid it. A really special aspect about it is that in some chapters, it’s told by a different character than the main one, White. Enjoy this book!

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1 (White) It all Starts

It was a sunny afternoon.
Bernie was not ready for what the week was going to bring him, nor how much it affected his personality. All he expected is a boring, boring wait until his 11th birthday. That morning he woke up, looked on his phone, and saw the unexpected.
( I’ve been waiting for you. When we go to high reaches, I shall slaughter your dream of witchcraft. )
3:04 AM. Ly’Jordan

Ly’Jordan, To Bernie’s Knowledge was his middle school friend/prankster, but they still got along well. When Bernie received this message He knew it was just to make him confused.
But why was It sent at 3 AM? Bernie once went to visit Ly’Jordan And they wanted to stay up, but Jordan’s Strict mother had Him a curfew till 8:30 PM. Did someone get ahold of Jordan’s Phone? He decided to ignore it. Once he went and poured himself some YUM-CEREAL *Made with the one and only Yum-berry, Apples!* His parents suprised him with a visit to his Aunt Terry. Now aunt terry is the kind of person you wanna be around when your in your worst mood. Even though she has 3 kitties, that isn’t as much as nearly 2000 all owned by his grumpy great aunt Patricia Paris. Bernie And Ly’Jordan Called her Patricia-wants-Paris-but-too-poor behind her back but his mom heard nearly 2 years ago.
good times.
now he is in the car, on his way to a carnival with a clown that’s actually fun.
Later that night, he browsed his phone until another message popped up. Yet this one made him way more confused than the last.

but I can’t tell you that now “
6:66 PM Almon Yanders

For the night, young Bernie pondered what he was just sent. He doesn’t in fact know who Almon is, but he reckons he recognizes the name somehow.

But I don’t think you noticed
And neither did Bernie J. Anderson, Well your about to find out.
It was sent at 6:66 PM. Once the Minutes reach 60, the next hour comes. While Mr. Yanders’s Post May have seemed hair-raising, The though of the time made Bernie have the worst sleep yet. He had a nightmare of going to a very VERY small tunnel without windows and he had to fix up a flying car with 6 other people but then he saw Ly’Jordan in Knights Armor. He walked closer to the group and said he isn’t a threat but when he walked close enough to the one of them with green armor he swung his sword and green died. Then Ly’Jordan looked at Pink and said Your’e next. In a flash of a second, the last thing left was pink’s armor. Then he goes for cyan and purple.
Jordan looks at Bernie and Red, The Last Ones Alive.
Red was apparently the next target because he told Bernie Save Yourself. This is just a nightmare but when it’s reality I’ll tell you that I’m A-A-Alllllmmmoooooo__. And then he was gone.
Terrified, Bernie tried to hide under a table in a large room. Then the light went off and he heard I’m Sorry before he woke up in absolute terror. He thinks he was killed and when he woke up he had a sudden pain exactly where Ly’Jordan hit him in the dream.
What. Just. Happened.
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