The girl in the doll

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Emily has lived in the old house for 4 years now, but she finds a doll in the basement! Since then strange things have been happening. Objects moving around, you can see faces in the windows. Could this be happening because of the doll?

Horror / Mystery
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The girl in the doll

Little Emily, lived in the city in a apartment. She was only 3 years old when she was playing on the sidewalk and nearly got ran over. So her parents decided to take her to the country so she will be safe. They lived in the old house for 4 years now. Emily was older and knew to watch for cars now. She was 9 and she wanted to explore the house. She found keys and matched them to key holes. She found hidden compartments she even found a lock door that led to the basement. They didn’t know that they even had a basement so they explored and that was when they saw it.

She looked though boxes and found the light switch. She even found a doll, a old dirty doll. She picked in up and it was like she heard a voice from the doll. It said “ help! leave this house never come back!” Then it stopped. Scared she ran to her parents, she said “ what is this creepy doll” “Sweetheart, it’s just a old doll” Emily’s mom said. Emily walked out of the room and said “ tomorrow I am going to find out if someone is in side you” she went to her to sleep for the night.

The next morning Emily, was up and fingering out if someone or something is in the doll. She talked to it and asked it to tell her if someone was in there. Just then her mom yelled, she rush up with her dad and said “what is it” Emily’s mom said “ the ring moved on it’s own!” Emily started to think could the doll be doing this? Emily went to the balcony and said “I am sorry but the only way to find out if someone is inside you then I must drop you off this balcony” then she turned to face the balcony and threw the doll off the side! It shattered and A ghostly like figure shot out of the doll. So there was someone in there! The Ghost said “I am finally at peace thank you for releasing me”.

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