Paint Pink Flowers

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This story is a short story based on a nightmare I had.

Horror / Other
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Chapter 1

I open my eyes. The sun is shining on the earth today, everything is so beautiful. The trees are showing of their clear green leafs and the flowers dance in the new found summer breeze. A smile takes form on my lips when I feel daylight heat up my pale skin. As I walk on the dirt road leading towards the fields I see a small girl in the grass.

She’s sitting on her knees with her back to me. Her buttercream blond hair is cut short, not longer then to her jaw. The lace on the dress she wears has dirt on it, probably because it’s so long on her. It’s a charming white dress with a pattern of small pink flowers, it must have been inspired by the 1800 centuries clothing by the looks of it. But it’s still pretty modern and cute.

I notice that she’s doing something and I slowly walk towards her. When I am close enough I see the flowers in front of her. They are pleasingly white and some are a delicate shade of pink, salmon pink. My attention is drawn to her hands. On the left hand, petite fingers are holding a white flower. The flower is still attached to the ground when the paint brush in her right hand sweps over the pedals, one by one they are turning pink.

Is she painting the flowers pink?

Just then she turned her head and looked at me. A chill went through my spine. Her face, no. The snow white porcelain mask shows no emotion, but the sad black holes for eyes show a great sadness. It’s alarming and horrifying. I feel the hair on my arms rise. A weird feeling comes over my body. Run. That’s the first instinct, but somehow I just slowly start walking backwards.

As if it wasn’t intimidating enough the young girl stands up and starts to walk up to me. She walks just as slowly as me but I notice that she’s not moving her legs. She is floating. floating! I walk faster. She does too. Then I walk even faster, I’m almost running backwards. But that only means that she’s running too.

My feet is starting to hurt and it becomes harder and harder to run. After a bit of this running on the dirt road, I trip. I land on my butt with my hands on the ground and it hurts like shit. My hands are bleeding and the girl is 4 meters from me. I close my eyes. Not prepared on that I never will open them again.

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