A dream

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Martha's life is turned upside down when she starts having terrible and scary dreams that creeps into reality. She thinks she can protect her family from it but she fails repeatedly. How is she going to handle the tragedy?

Horror / Mystery
Ella Gerald
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I smiled at Ben walking towards me, as handsome as ever. The lights illuminating his sharp facial features in all their glory.

"Come here" I pouted, opening my hands wide for him.

He reached me and pulled me flush against his hard body. I closed my eyes taking in his masculine scent and feeling his warmt.

But suddenly, I felt a liquid splash on my face and neck. Wondering what it was, I opened my eyes to see a headless Ben hugging me.

I screamed and screamed and pushed him away and continued screaming.

His body fell to the floor close to his pool while his head was already floating in the pool.

I screamed again and again until I screamed out of my sleep.

I jumped up on my bed, clutching my chest tightly. I looked around and realised I was in my room with Lily who was now awake due to my scream.

"What's wrong Martha?" She asked worried and a little scared

"I had a nightmare"

"Its okay, its just a dream" she said, her little voice somehow calming my nerves. I watched her lay down again and closed her eyes.

I sighed, looking around again before laying back down.

"Its just a dream" I murmured before closing my eyes.


Hey lovelies

First completed story.

Please give my story a chance.


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