A dream

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Chapter 9 - James

News flash.

I didn't have a life anymore.

I stopped going to school after Kelly and Liam died and that was three weeks ago.

It was me and my dad, who was my least favorite person.

My life was over.

I was eagerly waiting for it to be my turn.

People feared me, they called me bad news. Anytime I walked the street, people will shift far away from me. I felt like a disease that had no cure.

I was carried away by my thoughts that I didn't hear my door open and my dad walk in.

I glanced at him once then back to the wall that seemed to be better comfort than him.

"I'm going to the store to get some food stuff" he said but I didn't as much move.

"You have really been through alot and I don't know how to comfort you but know am here for you" still didn't move

"I'm the only one you've got now, stop hating me" his voice went up a bit.

I turned.

"You should be lucky I hate you because that's the only reason you are alive" I deadpanned.

I regret the words fews seconds later but he was already out of my room by then.

About an hour passed, I received a phone call from my dad, I don't want to answer it but I did anyways.

"Hello" it wasn't my dads voice

"Police department, am sorry to break it to you that the owner of this phone was involved in a fatal accident and he didn't make it" as the words leave his mouth, my phone slipped out of my grasp and fell on the bed.

"Hello, are you there" my body went rigid.

A single tear fell from my eye.

And then it hit me

I was alone.

And I was next

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