A dream

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Chapter 10 - Dream

Have you ever been running from the inevitable?

I was.

I was running.

I had no idea where I was running to but I was running.

I was running away from death.

I wanted to die but at the same time, it scared me so much.

My bracelet kept sparkling every five minutes.

I looked like a crazy person but that was the least of my worries.

*you cannot outrun your death*

The voice in my head said but I refused to listen to it.

There must be something, anything for me to do to stay alive.

Panicked tears streamed down my cheeks as I kept running but suddenly halted when I saw a cross symbol.

A church.

Why haven't I thought of that ever?

I ran inside, straight up to the alter. I knelt down on the small steps and cried unto the floor.

Oh help me lord. Forgive me all my sins and save my soul.

"My child" I flinched so fast as I felt hand on my shoulder. It was a man in pink garment, I instantly realised he was the priest.

"Its okay, its just me" he assured "what is the problem? You look so.." He ran out of words.

"Tell me what happened to you? Where are your parents" he asked

"Dead" I manage to say

"Oh goodness" he clutched unto his rosary.

"Please help me priest, I don't want to die" I held his garment and cried on it.

"What are you talking about my child, get up" he held me up to my feet but immediately staggered backwards then did the sign of the cross over his chest. I frowned at his action.

"Where did you get that" he asked pointing to my wrist. I looked down at my wrist to see the bracelet sparkling.

"It was a birthday present" I answered still confused.

"It is pure evil my child" my body froze "you need to take it off now" he said and I stared still frozen.

"As long as you wear that thing, evil will continue to follow you and overwhelm you, take it off" he commanded.

"But how... " I heard a loud creaking sound above me. As I look up, I see the giant chandelier falling down and I dived away fast, landing on the floor far away as it crashed to the floor.

When I looked back, the priest was underneath the chandelier, Blood pooling around him.

"No" I choked on my tears and ran straight for the door.

I wasn't safe Anywere.

When I looked at my bracelet, I start struggling to get it off but it didn't budge.

"Get off you.. " I shout yo myself struggling hard to get it off but i couldn't.

My heart was hammering against my chest. What the priest said repeated in my head.

*you cannot stop it*

I will! I will!!

In the process of trying to get the bracelet off, I didn't see the car approaching me and before I could move away, it hit me. Hard.

I fell to the ground staring at the bright sky.

So this is how I was going to die.

I smiled to myself.

At least it wasn't as horrific as the others.

I was crazy even at my dying moment.

I start feeling dizzy, black spots covered my vision.

Goodbye world.

My eyes slid shut hearing the last words that didn't make any sense.

*this is your future*

Then I woke up.

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