A dream

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Chapter 11 - The end

I woke up?

I turned around to be met by my empty room.

I thought I had already died, why did it have to be a dream?

I was ready to leave this world already, there was nothing here for me. Just why?

I looked down at my hand to check if it was sparkling, but there was no bracelet. I don't remember removing it. I rolled around in my bed, checking for it when I caught a pair of eyes in the door way. My heart almost left my chest as the eyes disappeared.

What was that?

I slowly got down from bed and step by step, I reached the door way and saw no one. I continued my slow steps till I got to the living room. What I saw next made my heart stop.


My hand flew to my heart and I clutched at the invisible thing.

Was I going crazy? I definitely was.

Standing there with wide smiles on their faces were mom, dad, Liam, kelly, and Lilly.

Was I dreaming again? I could hardly tell when I was dreaming these days.

They are dead. They all dead. How are they standing in front of me?

"Well someone isn't happy to see us" mom always said that

"She probably woke up from the wrong side of the bed" kelly joked. Typically kelly says that.

What is going on?

My head starts spinning and soon I found myself on the floor, all of them rushing towards me.

"No, don't touch me" I backed away fast, "you not real" I whispered to myself. Wake up Martha! Please wake up. Tears well up in my eyes.

"Martha what is wrong, are you okay?" She touched my shoulder and I flinched again.

She touched me, I felt it.

Why does this feel so real?

Was it real?

Had I been dreaming all this while.

Oh my God!


"Yes sweetie, talk to me, what's wrong?"

"Are you really real?" My mom and dad exchanged looks.

"Ofcourse I am real" she caressed my cheek. It did feel real.

"Whatever dream you had, it really got you whipped" Liam commented. Typically Liam will make jokes at serious moments.

"Mom?" I asked again

"Yes sweetie, you beginning to scare me now"

"Please pinch me"


"Oh I will gladly" kelly rushed to me and pinched me, almost removing my flesh.

"Ouch" I looked at her and immediately tears spillwe down my face.

"You real, you all real" I hug my mom who was kneeling in front of me, so tight like she was going to disappear.

"Kelly" I got up and hugged her so tight. Same for Liam and my dad.

"Lily" I literally squeezed her in my arms.

All these while, everyone looked at me like I was crazy but they would never understand what I went through.

I couldn't believe all that was a dream.

Hell I was so happy it was. I missed them so much.

"Well this is awkward, you saw us last night, its not like we traveled to the end of the earth and returned" Liam joked again and everyone laughed except me.

"Where's Ben" my heart start beating fast.

"Relax, he's.. "

"Am right here" I jumped him, literally. I squeezed him in my small arms. He stiffen for a moment but hugged me back. I pulled away and kissed him on the lips right in front of my family and I didn't care.

"Am so happy to see all of you" I said after I pulled always, happy tears now left in my eyes.

"Okay enough of this awkwardness" let's go get you ready for your little surprise party which you already kind of ruined" kelly pulled me away from all of them.

I showered, I did my hair and dressed up in a silver dress before kelly and I head back to the living room.

Mom brought a medium sized cake in front of my face with a candle on the top. They all sang for me and I blew at the candle.

I have never been so happy to see my family in my life.

Our little party went smoothly, and I totally forgot about my horrifying dream of deaths. I ate till my stomach was filled up. I had fun even though it wasn't like in the movies were they would end up in a club.

I was eighteen now. The legal age.

I believed in happy endings and I was so glad I had one.


Later that night, kelly and Ben had gone home. Lily was sleeping next to me, while I sat going through my birthday gifts. One from each one of them.

After viewing all of them, I noticed the small box that remained.

I frowned at it.

Opening it, my mouth fell open.

It was a bracelet. The exact same bracelet in my dream. I held it in my hand and looked carefully at it.

No this can't be.

Suddenly, Memeories flood my brain.

*where did you get that*

*it was a birthday present*

*it is pure evil*

*as long as you wear that thing, evil will continue to follow you*

*this is your future*


Just as my heart was pounding against my chest, the bracelet sparkled.


Am so happy to complete this story, I really hope you guys like it.

Would really love to see your comments on it.

I love conversing with my readers.


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