A dream

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Chapter 2 - loss

"How was your.... " my mom's words hung in her mouth when she took in my rigid, almost lifeless form, plus the police man behind me.

"Dear lord! What happened to you sweetie?" She rushed up to me, touching my face frantically but I was too drenched to answer. I was still in shock.

"Ben is dead" my mom gasped as the police man said "it was a horrifying scene, we cant explain how and what happened yet but for now, take care of your daughter" he finished and left me with my mom after telling her that he would come back the next day for questioning.

"Oh sweetie" my mom hugged me tight against her body. Fresh tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Ben. Lights. Pool" was the only thing that came out of my mouth.

"Its okay sweetie" she rubbed her hand soothingly up and down my back.

"Why did you leave me Ben?" I cried furiously

"I didn't" he replied with tears in his eyes

"You did, you left me" I yelled through my shaky voice

"I didn't" he yelled back and I froze "you killed me" my eyes widened. What.

"Me" I asked shocked

"Yes, you killed me Martha"

"No" I shook my head "No! No!" I screamed

"My death is just the beginning" he looked away from me

"Beginning of what?"

"Other deaths" he said with a cold voice.


I suddenly woke up with a No echoing in my room. Thankfully, I didn't wake Lily. It took me some time to stabilize my breathing before I went back to sleep.


I woke up with a terrible headache. When I got up, I saw two pills and a glass of water by my night stand. I took it and walked into my bathroom. Staring at myself in the mirror, I almost ran out. I looked like a witch that escaped hell. My mascara had washed from my lashes and settled beneath my eyes.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth, took a warm shower that somehow soothed me. Thinking back to the previous day, of Ben. Tears threaten to spill again. I walk into the living room and behold, two police men were sitting on the couch. Waiting for me?

"Sweetie, the police want to have a word with you" my mom said and scooted to the end of the couch foe me to join her.

"Morning Miss Martha" the police man who dropped me off the previous day greeted and I just nodded.

"Where exactly where you when this so called incident happened?" He asked. I managed to look up at him before struggling to find my voice.

"at the dinning table" I didn't recognize the sound that came out of my mouth so I cleared my throat.

"What happened?"

"The lights went off and he went to check it but.. " I gulp "he never came back" my voice broke and I immediately felt my moms hand rub my back.

"How exactly did you see him?"

"He was.. He was facing the floor, the knife was there, I don't know, his head rested on the knife" I started hyperventilating. My mom scooted closer and held me in her arms.

"Your finger prints were only found on his body and not the knife so you're safe"

Bewildered, I stared at the police man "safe?" I spat "do you think I'd kill my own boyfriend" my voice was shaking so was my body.

"I didn't say that" he defended

You killed me.

Ben's voice repeats in my head

You killed me Martha

"No" I yelled out of nowhere and ran to my room. I dived on my bed, sobbing loudly in my pillow.

*sorry for your loss*

The same voice I kept hearing said. When I looked up from my pillow, I saw Liam.

"Hey" he said and walked close to my bed

"Did you say something?" I asked

"I said hey"

"No, before you said that" I queried

"Am just coming here" he raised his both hands and I realised its not him. Something was really messing with my head.

"I know he meant alot to you" he sat on my bed while I sat up close to him.

Fresh tears roll down my cheeks while I hugged him tightly.

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