A dream

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Chapter 3 - Georgia

Two weeks had passed after Ben's funeral. Going to school didn't seem so exciting to me without Ben. I sat in class absent minded, my thoughts all over the place. His words haven't left my mind since then. I had no idea what he meant but it bothered me so much.

"Martha" I looked at Kelly

"I've been calling you for over a minute now. Are you okay?" She asked

"I will be" I told her but mostly myself.

Ben's death was all over the school, he was the best at the football game and the team captain. I wasn't the only one missing him. A moment of silence was held for him in the football pitch earlier today. Looking at his large picture frame glued to the hallway, I felt tears well up in my eyes again.

"Don't, you have cried enough" Kelly ordered as she pulled me in a tight hug.

"I should have told him" I muttered

"Told him what?" She pulled away and looked at me

"My dream"

"Come on, are you blaming yourself now? His death must have been a coincidence with your dream" I tried to believe as much as possible.

"Let's go home"


"Lunch is ready sweetie" mom called and I jumped out smiling. She carried a tray of cookies in her hands, walking towards me but she suddenly jerked and the tray fell off her hands to the floor, the cookies lettered all over her feet.

"I'll get that" I bent down and started picking the cookies back into the tray when I noticed blood spilling unto the floor. A loud gasp leave my lips as my eyes slowly move from her legs to her stomach which was punctured with a long sharp object, blood spilling down to the floor.

"Mom!" I screamed dropping the tray and backing away

"Martha, you.. " she tried to speak but another sharp object punctured her mouth from behind, breaking all her teeths apart.

"Mom!" I screamed in horror

And jerked back to reality. It was a dream. Another scary, horrifying dream.

"Had a nightmare again" Lily said, rubbing her sleepy eyes.

"Yes but don't worry, go back to sleep" I told her

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was rush to my mom.

"You're not dressed for school sweetie" she queried

"no mom, I'm staying here with you" I told

"With me?" Her voice held shock

"I had a dream last night, about you" I breathe "you died"

"Sweetie, its just a dream"

"No mom, its not. It seemed so real. That was what happened with Ben" my voice cracked "am staying here" she let out a long sigh, a sigh of defeat.

"I won't go anywhere today, so I'll be fine" she said, holding my shoulder


"I promise, if that's what will make you happy and go to school". I smile. I hugged her before going back to my room and getting ready.

I was in school but my spirit and soul was at home. My mind wasn't at ease. Fear was slowly creeping into me. I wondered what she was doing at the moment, was she working or was she resting or was she..making cookies. A cold chill ran through my body

"Wow does your bracelet sparkle too?" Kelly broke me out of my thoughts

"Yea sometimes" I answered nonchalant.

One beat, two beat. It hit me.

"Wait, my bracelet is sparkling?" I drop my gaze to the shiny thing. I still remember the bracelet sparkling before I found Ben's.. Dead body. Without another word, I jumped out of my seat and out od the door. Out of the school and straight home.

"Mom" I called out once I opened the door. I had called her phone several times but it wasn't going through. It made me even more worried.

"Mom" I call again, checking the kitchen before going to her room. She was sitting up on her bed, rubbing her eyes. Oh she was just sleeping.

"Am sorry I woke you up" I kneel at the side of her bed and he gaze settles on me.

"What's wrong?" She asked

"Nothing mom, was just checking on you"

"Is it two yet, did I sleep that long" she searched for her phone on the bed.

"Oh, I just had a break so i... Never mind, go back to sleep" I said standing up. my mind was at ease now that I knew she was okay. Nothing could possibly happen to her here in her room.

"Ain't you cold?" I asked when I noticed the ceiling fan blowing in its highest speed.

"No sweetie, actually am okay with it" I nod and turn towards the door when she stopped me.

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine" she informed me and I nodded, turning again to walk out after saying 'I love you'.

When I reach the door opening, I heard a loud creak, followed by a sharp cut then something hit me on my back, liquid splashing on my neck. I spun around too quickly and screamed when I saw my headless mom still sitting on the same spot, the fan had drop down to the level of he neck, now slowly down.

My hand flied to cup my mouth and I back away when I see her head by my feet. I screamed again and again but no one could hear me. Tears pour down my face as I fall to my knees sobbing so loud that my voice echoed.

Not again.

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