A dream

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Chapter 5 - Lily

So many things were happening in my life lately, Ben was gone, mom was gone. Its been two weeks after mom's burial, My life seemed too weird. Thankfully, I still had Lily and Kelly and Liam. As for my dad, I hoped that the demon inside him came out soon.

Sitting on my bed on a Thursday morning, with my book in hand, I drifted off into space. I didn't go to school the last two days. Although Liam and Lily went to school, I didn't feel like it. Kelly had been helping me with her notes and even the details of what happened. She was just the best.

Nevertheless, the dream I had about Ben telling me I killed him was still on my mind, not to talk of when he said his death was the beginning of others. It still scared me especially when I had no idea what he meant.

I thought and thought and I suddenly slept off.

"Lily?" I called out and she turned around to face me but just then, she was surrounded with fire, thick fumes filling the atmosphere that I could hardly see her.

"Martha save me" she cried out and my heart raced up, i turned left, right, back, there was nothing. Just the two of us in an empty yard with fire separating us.

"Martha" she cried out again. Frustrated, not knowing what to do, I looked around again for something, anything to get her out of there and then I saw a bucket of water by my left. I had no idea how it got there when it wasn't there a few seconds ago. I grabbed it and poured it upon the fire but it only escalated it.

"Martha" Lily yelled, her voice laced with pain. When I looked closely, the fire was on her clothes.

Scared to my bones, I screamed her name but I couldn't do anything. I watched her as she kept screaming my name while she burnt.

I jerked up from my bed. Realising it was a dream, I jumped up, rushed to the bathroom, washed my face, tied my hair up and rushed out of the house.

I got Lily from school even though she hadnt closed yet. She bombarded me with questions but i just ignored them. Lily was not dying on me, I would protect her to the last. I kept my eyes on her all day and nothing happened.

The next day, I didn't let her go to school. I wanted to watch her every move. I drank so much coffee in order not to sleep off.

*Do you really think you can save her*

The weird voice that I hadn't heard in a while spoke. I don't even bother to flinch as usual

"Shut up" I said angrily and Lily turned to me, confused. I shook my head at her and she continued counting in her notebook.

*you can't save her Martha*

"I can and I will" I shout. Again, Lily looked at me

"Who are you talking to Martha?"

"No one, its no one" I forced a smile and rubbed her shoulder.

The voice didn't speak up again. I started feeling uneasy, I cannot let Lily die, she was just too young, I loved her so much. I was finding it hard to breathe due to fear. Part of me believed that as long as she was sitting next to me, nothing would happen. If anything was going to kill her, it will have to kill us both.

My thoughts were cut off by the thunder that struck my window. Lily flinched and hid under my arms while I rubbed her back soothingly.

A series of lightening and thunder was followed by a sudden heavy downpour of rain that almost brought down the roof.

"The windows" I exclaimed when I noticed the rain slipping through my window into the room. "Go close to balcony door Lily" I told and we both got up. I ran up to all the windows and shut them, letting out a breath of relief. Just then I notice my sparkling bracelet. Shit. My heart jumps to my throat.

"Lily" I called out, wondering were she had gone to.

"Martha" I ran to where her voice came from. my breath caught in my throat when I saw Lily in the empty room, which we stored our old stuff and also had the electricity controls, different sort of wires hanging. She was standing on a chair close to the high window, even upon the chair, she couldn't still reach the window.

"Lily what were you thinking" I scolded

"The rain was pouring down from here" I noticed the droplets of water that had surprisingly formed a little flood on the terazzo floor.

"Come on, get down, you shouldn't come in here, its dangerous" I told. Just as she was about to step down, another thunder struck through the window and hit two wires, cutting them to the floor.

"Wait!" I yelled, swallowing my heart back in my chest. Her eyes shone with fear as she looked at me. No no no. I shivered, not from the cold, but from the thought that electricity and water are the worse of combinations.

Confirming my worried thoughts, the wires sparked in the water on the floor.

"Martha" she squealed as she watched the wires spark. I stood there not knowing what to do. My dream flashed to me.

No way, Lily is not dying on me.

I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a broom stick and ran back to Lily. From the door, I reached close lifting the wires from the wet floor.

"when I say run, you run very fast to me, do you understand Lily" I told. Once I managed to lift the wires from the floor, I yelled "run"

"Wait" I choked when another thunder hit more wires on the floor. I whimpered, throwing the stick on the floor.

"Martha help me" Lily cried repeatedly. Frustrated I ran my hands through my hair. More water was still pouring from the window. Panicked tears fall from my eyes.

I ran back to the room once I recalled Lily's snow boots.

"Lily, catch" I threw it at her and Thankfully, she caught them. "Quick, put it on and come to me" she nodded and I wiped my tears as I watched her.

"Fast sweetie" I pressed

Another thunder struck, and then another and then it struck at the window, it flew from the wall and hit Lily hard making her fall to the floor.

"No! Lily" I shout, horrified. I put one foot in but the water electrocuted me, flinging me backwards that i fell on my butt.

When I gained consciousness again, Lily was screaming in agony, as she jerked repeatedly on the floor, the wires sparking frantically. And then she stopped moving.

All the life drain out of me. I just watched Lily die.

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