A dream

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Chapter 6 - Anger

Martha save me!

Martha help me!


Lily's voice was all I could hear in my head.

I sat on my bed, my legs clutched up against my chest with my arms, my eyes felt so heavy. Still frozen, I stare into space but somehow I noticed that Kelly sat by me and Liam was pacing back and forth in my room.

I was a mess. I was totally disconnected with the world. There were no tears left to cry anymore. My whole body was vibrating. Lily is gone. I watched her die in front of me. She was gone. No Ben, no mom, no Lily.

I just wanted to die too, I didn't see any reason of living anymore. I wish I could be the next to die so I wouldn't go through this much pain.

"I have to go now, I'll come by tomorrow" Kelly's voice sounded so distant. I was to drenched to even open my mouth and reply her.

"Take care of her" I heard her voice again

"I'll walk you, its late" I heard Liam's voice. When they were gone, I got up, collecting my senses and walked almost like a moving statue to the room Lily had died in. I stood by the door as the scene replays in my head again and again.

Tears suddenly start slipping down my cheeks. Choking on my breathes, I walked toward the pile of wires on the wall. The floor was now dried of water. Lily was no longer on the floor.


Martha save me

My heart tore out of my chest. Just then and there, I realised something that seemed so obvious. My love ones were dying according to the way I love them. First it was Ben, and then mom, and now, Lily. Who would be next. Kelly or Liam? I couldn't even save anyone, I tried three times but yet, here I was. It just wasn't enough.

I couldn't save Lily.

I kicked the chair in which she stood only minutes ago, throwing it across the room, I watched it break to small parts. I bolt towards the wires and switches.

I started hitting on them furiously, screaming on top of my voice.

"Just kill me already" I yelled as I kept hitting and pulling on the wires that were connected. Suddenly one of them sparked and shocked me, throwing me backwards on the floor. My whole body quivered as I hit the floor.

*its not your time to die*

The voice said and it only made me cry much louder. I flinch when I felt arms wrap around me, when I was pulled around, Liam's face came to my view. He pulled me into his chest while I sobbed on him, appreciating his warmth and soothing hug.

"I couldn't save her" I murmured

"You tried your best"


A month had passed after Lily's death. Home never felt like home. School even got worse, news started spreading about me having dreams and how it actually happens. Everyone avoided me, no one wanted to associate with me, except for kelly and Liam. I felt like an outcast. I wanted to drop out of school but then I remembered my mom did everything to make me be in school, I was not going to throw that away.

i haven't had any dreams since then and it really made me worried and alot scared than before. I didn't know what to expect.

*something's going to happen*

"What's going to happen?" I asked the voice. Call me crazy but I started actually conversing with the voice in my head.

*you are going to get angry at Kelly and Liam*

"What could possibly make me angry at them?" I shook my head in annoyance

*they are going to die earlier than supposed*

My heart skipped a beat, a shiver running down my body. "Why?" I asked confused

*your anger*

"Please explain it to me" I pleaded but the voice never replied. It was gone. Ofcourse it was gone, I was used to it by now. It speaks parables and then left my confused.

I shrugged and walked towards my locker to get my books for the next class. I came to a sudden halt when I saw what I never imagined I could see.

Liam was kissing Kelly in front of her locker.

Immediately I felt all the blood rush to my brain.

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