A dream

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Chapter 8 - Liam

I sat patiently on the couch waiting for Liam to walk through the door, I needed to give him a piece of my mind. I tapped my foot on the floor impatiently, staring at the clock every 30seconds. It was 8:00pm and he wasn't back yet, maybe he was with her. Not that am against their relationship but they shouldn't have kept it from me, if I didn't see them am sure she would have never told me.

Just as thoughts roamed around in my head, the door creaked open and liam walked through

"speak of the devil" I said standing up "am sure she must have... " my words hung up in my mouth when Kelly walked through the same door standing beside liam.

"Oh great! Why don't we all have a family meeting" I spat humorlessly while gesturing for them to sit.


"Oh don't Martha me" I hush my brother "you went behind my back to date my friend"

"It wasn't.. "

"You went behind my back to date my brother" I say to Kelly.

"Martha can you just chill out and let me speak" Liam almost yelled. Holding unto a tiny respect, I shut my mouth and let him speak.

"Yes we are dating and am sorry you had to find out like this but you were too broken, you hardly ever noticed anything anymore, I just waited for the right time when you would be better"

"Bullshit!" I yelled and visibly saw how Kelly flinched

"Two months! Two freaking months! You didn't find the right time" I knew I was overreacting but who wouldn't. We are talking about two people I loved here, both kept a secret from me.

"Martha, I saw..."

"Don't you dare" I raise my finger hushing Kelly. "I couldn't expect much from my brother but you, you were my best friend" my voice shook at the end and I try to hold back the tears that were welling up in my eyes.

"We never kept secrets from each other"

"Am so sorry" she was crying

"It hurts" I squeeze my chest.

"Martha I never meant for this to happen, pls forgive me"

"Get out" the words leave my mouth before I could stop it

"What?" I hear the shock and confusion in her voice

"Get. Out" I repeat "I don't want to see your face" my eyes shut as tears slip from my eyes n roll down my cheek.

I hear the door open and close.

"Martha what is your fucking problem" my eyes snap open at Liam's voice

"My problem? My problem is you lied, you lied to me for two months" I step forward towards him "how broken was I that you couldn't tell me, i would never be against you two"

"I knew if I told you back then, you wouldn't have taken it well, mom just died"

"Exactly, mom just died but yet you decided it was a good time having a girlfriend" I shout

"You know what, fuck it!" He spat and walked out the same door Kelly had walked out from.

I slump down on the couch and starter crying. As if my pain wasn't enough, I saw my bracelet sparkling.

No no no no.

I jump off the couch and out the door. Running to the end of the street, I saw the tiny woods or forest or whatever it is called that covered the left part of the road.

God please tell me, they didn't go there.

I looked at the empty street and realised they did actually go there.

"Kelly, Liam" I call immediately I step foot within the confines of the tall trees.

No answer.

"Kelly, Liam, please come back home, am sorry for overreacting but I can't loose you too" my voice cracked.

Almost giving up after a few minutes, I heard heavy footsteps towards me. I paused turning right when I saw Kelly and Liam racing towards me.

"ThankGod you okay, am sorry.. "

"Wild bugs" Kelly yelled


"Wild bugs, run, there so many" by instinct, I bolted running ahead of both of them, wondering what they were talking about.

"Shit" I heard Liam's voice followed by a slap.

"What is happening" I asked panicked. Before anyone could answer me, I heard Liam's grunt in pain and my foot suddenly stop moving.

"Liam are you okay" I asked the same time Kelly yelled "Liam get up, hurry" I still had no idea what we were running from.

"Go, save yourselves" what?

"Tell me what's happening" I yelled while Kelly pulled frantically at Liam's arm.

"Wild bugs, they eat people alive, I've never seen them this many before in my life.

Oh no. We were not dying here. No.

About to pull Liam up, I see a crowd of bugs approaching his foot.

"Run, leave me" Liam yelled again

"No, I can't leave you" Kelly cried but before we could do anything. The bugs submerged him. I grabbed Kelly by the arm and pulled her with me as we continued running. My heart was beating so hard in my chest.

"No" Kelly screamed and cried on top of her voice but I didn't let go of he hand.

Suddenly Kelly tripped over and fell dragging me down with her. I stood up hurriedly dragging her up with me but I was too late, the bugs had gotten to her foot.

"No Kelly please run" I kept pulling her "please don't leave me" I beg. Her loud cries made me turn around and the sight I saw left a mark on me forever.

The bugs crawled up her body up the her hand that was in mine making me flinch from her. Her cries ceased just as the bugs crawled away from her body leaving just bones behind.

I screamed and ran and ran until I got home, slamming the door shut and locking it.

I slid down to the floor and did what I've been doing for three months now. I cried.

*sorry for your loss*

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