The Girl Under My Bed

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LEG GRAB + Talk with The Ghost

Jack was snoozing away and next thing you know he was woken up by a leg grab...

Jack: *wakes up*

Jack: *looks around*

Ghost: Hey over here..


Ghost: shh you’re gonna wake up your mother

Jack: what are you doing in my house?

Ghost: I can explain just don’t scream.

Jack: ok fine what do you want from me?

Ghost: I wanna tell you a story about how I am in this house in the first place.

Jack: ok

Ghost: so I died in this house about 42 years ago, if I am guessing right..

Jack: so why are you bothering me?

Ghost: oh, to warn you about the evil spirit that is in this house.

Ghost: you thought I was bad, but just wait, I came here to warn you

Ghost: I didn’t only just die, but my abusive husband died too, and he is evil I am stuck in this house with him, we died together, but he hurts people even if they are not a threat, you need to get out of here for your safety.

Jack: OMG! but idk if my mom will believe me, she just says im worrying

Ghost: Oh I will make her believe you just wait! I’ll do the same to her as I done to you so she will know its time to leave.

Jack: ok thanks

Ghost: you can rest now, btw dont worry about the evil spirit while you sleep because I am holding him off but you have 48 hours to leave.

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