The Narcissist and The Nightingale

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There are things in this world that no one understands and the people that do don't dare speak about them, but these things are used to make people atone for their sins. Vincent was made to atone for his sins of narcissism and moral corruption, leading to the death of a woman and her unborn child. Persephone was made to atone for the sins of her father, both curses leading them to wander the earth looking for and running from love. Vincent is a man infatuated with seeing the world and living purely for his own needs. When his estranged granfather is stricken with a mortal illness. Vincent is called to his side and pulled into the circumstances that will alter his existence forever. Persephone is an Oklahoma plains womandriven into a life of love and excess in order to escape the confines of life cursed by situations out of her control. When she falls in love with a handsome stranger she is taken from her lifeof solitude into a journey of love, loss and misfortune. Vincent and Persephone will struggle through many lives filled with sex drugs and Rock and Roll... Excess is the great mediator that will bridge the gap between life and precious mortality.

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The Narcissist and The Nightingale

written by

Frances Coker & Boxcar Joe

This novel was written by two authors. The chapters are labeled as follows:

Vicente/Vincent (*Mulló) is written by Boxcar Joe

Mulló (Mullo): One who is dead; a vampire, revenant or “revinir” in the French language. The word stems from Romanian folklore of a person who died of unnatural causes or did not have their funeral rites performed.

Persephone (*ᎬᎨᏳᎢ) is written by Frances Coker

*ᎬᎨᏳᎢ (Gvgeyu’i): “I love you” in Cherokee dialect.

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