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I was left at home alone and I regret it to this day

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Home alone

I'm going to tell you a tale from when I was young. I was maybe fourteen and my parents went to see a movie. I turned all of the lights on and used the bathroom while they were home and when they were to leave I sat on the couch and played on my phone. I'm afraid of the dark and because of that i don't like being alone. I told myself that i wasn't eating sleeping or going to the bathroom until my parents returned home. I thought I would be able to last. Until I heard noises in the back. I can't see very well so I wear glasses. My room was upstairs near the noise that I heard. Not being able to see well isn't a good thing especially if I'm alone. I stayed put and stayed on my phone. Sadly I was getting tired. I was too afraid to close my eyes especially because no was hearing noises. I texted my dad and asked him how the movie was. No reply though. My eyes felt so heavy that I just gave in and fell asleep. Shortly after I closed my eyes I heard glass break.

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