The Leather Book - A short story

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The Leather book - The journal of a family's curse (in 500 words.)

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1


The words or Emily Grace, June 17, 1920

I have had to make the choice my mother had cursed me with, so that my daughter might able to break this dread, however the ink is emptying faster than I can get this down so I shall tell you daughter that I hope you never read this, but I am certain that you will be indebted the same curse. Your own daughter will face the same, and hers unless we find the way to end this.

It called to me, this book. It was in the floorboards, hidden.

Now I have found it, and now I have called him. Right this moment he is making me choose, your soul or mine. I am so scared but I must sign now I could never send you there, with him.

With love and hope for our family.

Signed, Emily Grace

The words of Pearl Grace, June 17, 1940

Dianne Grace, I do not have the time to tell you any more than my mother had left me, other than this is very real. You need to be strong for your own daughter so that she can go on, I am sure there is a way to break this curse, and I hope the answer is in you. All I can tell you is that it will find you, you will have to make this choice. He is watching me now, watching the ink drain, soon I have to sign, to choose, he tells me.

I love you Dianne, my sweet girl. I wish I could have watched you grow.

Signed, with hope, Pearl Grace

The words of Dianne Grace, June 17, 1960

He is making me do this. I am so sorry. No one knew what had happened to mom, grandma, all of them but now I do.

I wish my words were not in fear,not hurried but he stands at the gates waiting, showing me. I can hear the screams behind him

I can only hope you remain childless, as unimaginable my life would have been without you, but like me and our entire line, you will be drawn into a path you can’t help but follow.

There might be a way out, there has to be a weakness. we need to send this book and pen back to hell with him, his teeth are bared at me now

I love you Em, I hope there is another side and one day I will see you again

Signed Dianne Grace

The words of Sharon Grace, June 17 1980


I love you


June 17 2020

Dear mom

This is where you died, and I found this leather book and fancy pen among the burned remains, perfectly intact.

The rest of the house is finally getting torn down, I couldn’t stand to come here until now.

I can’t read what was here before so i thought i would start a new chapter, with the new house coming and all.

I wish you were here, you’re a grandma, she looks just like you...

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