Give Me Death, Amen

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vampires, love, and mystery, what everyone will do if they find out the truth, it's just not about livin' now it's about both living and non-living

Horror / Mystery
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The Guilt Disgust

Love and death, are basically the same, but with different words. Many knew it was peregrinated, many didn’t, life is just a truth or dare game, many consequences come, many survive and many don’t. Not to mention many good and deplorable stories commenced from truth or dare. Genuinely, this one additionally.

“So…truth or dare,” asked Veronica while optically canvassing both, Wendy and June.

“What do you say, Wendy. You know what, I am not scared, I’ll take dare,” said June.

“Are you su-“ said Wendy.

“I dare you to……..let’s just say, go to the graveyard right now and find vampires” interrupted Veronica.

“No June, you should not, you know that’s restricted,” said Wendy.

“I’ll do it.” Said June with ultimate confidence.

“You’ll regret it, and I am not coming,” said Wendy.

“You are so not fun,” said veronica.

The only mistake which destroyed their life, all towns have their own history, so did this one, ‘The Meriland’ had a deep history of vampires, there were many sayings, some believed some, some believed other some, some didn’t believe at all, Some made their own prophecy, that if a persona will shout “vampire" three times at a graveyard, a pristine vamp will appear. That was the one these innocent fellas believed.

“I’m not a believer but let me text Ben that if he finds my dead body, incriminate the vampires,” said Wendy.

“Won’t he tell your mom, that’s what the work of big brothers?” said June.

“Look what I found, helmets,” said veronica.

“Those are sponge helmets for bicycles,” said June

“Whatever, protection is indeed,” said veronica

2 days later


George, give me the remote right now, or I swear to god, I’ll-“ said Anthony.

“Dad, my basketball match is going on, and anyways you are gonna watch that creepy news channel,” said George.

Anthony stared at George for a while with angry eyes, hoping for an excessively obeisant response from his son.

“OKAY, FINE!! Stop staring at me like that for the love of God” said George, he then left in a woeful mood.

“He’s gonna be the cause of my death someday,” said Anthony to himself.

“let’s go back now to the meriland latest news, I am here with Mr. Miles, who is just around the corner where the three girls were killed, Mr. Miles I wanted to ask what’s doctor’s perspective, and what they are saying about this situation?” asked reporter 1 on the TV.

“There’s a very tense situation here, conveyances are being restricted in that area, where the three girls were killed by the animal attack, there names are- veronica crus, Wendy Jaclyn Williams and June Pruitt. The first two, veronica crus and Wendy Williams were found dead in the graveyard but June Pruitt was found between the forest which was 12 miles away from the graveyard, but according to the information amassed by the cops from their family they three used to hang out concurrently, they were killed at the midnight hours, the situation is getting more tensed” said reporter 2 (Mr. Mikes)

“Thank you, Mr. Miles, for the information, after a small break we will share more information about these girls and the animal attack,” said reporter 1


“Dad, can you please let me have a peaceful minute in this house” shouted George from upstairs.

“STOP SPEAKING AND COME HERE!” shouted Anthony again.

George rushed down the stairs with a vexed face.

“WHAT!” shouted George.

“Isn’t Wendy Williams your friend Ben’s little sister?” asked Anthony.

“Yaa what about her?” asked George.

“Look,” said Anthony.


“Oh, its Ben, I should take it,” said George.

“(sobbing voice) hey George,” said Ben.


“(sobbing voice) Can you just come over, I…..I have something to tell” said Ben.

“Unless it’s not you who killed them,” said George.

“(Sobbing voice) it’s not the time for being sarcastic,” said Ben.

“No…I was…um okay I’ll be there in a minute, bye” said George.

“Dad, Ben really needs me right now, so I gotta go,” said George.

“yaa, just be back before 10,” said Anthony.

George grabbed the keys and went straight to Ben’s home, there was a big crowd in front of his home, and cops were there too.

While George was finding his way to the entrance of Williams’s house gate someone grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him towards an empty road where there was no one.

“What the hell man, you scared the crap out of me,” said George.

“I don’t have time for that, I can’t tell you that in public, just look here,” said Ben

Ben showed him the text he received from Wendy on the day of her death. The look on George’s face got intense.

“Hey, buddy if you find my dead body, incriminate the vampires,” said Wendy (on the text)

“What do you mean, sis?” asked Ben (on the text)

“Actually, we are going on a vampire hunt,” said Wendy (on the text)

“Make sure you come home in one single piece,” said Ben (on the text)

“I knew you will be always that cool bro, bye, ily” said Wendy

“So you mean it wasn’t an animal attack,” laughed George, "Ben I know it's difficult for you but you shouldn't expect these kinds of things.."

“I am not sure, but I think there’s something, I searched other animal attacks in this particular area, and umm.. There were many, I mean if there was an animal, the search team would have found it till now,” said Ben.

“Look I am not sure we should g-” said George.

“How many more, huh? How many?” asked Ben?

“OKAY!, if you say so,” said George

“Let’s get started,” said Ben

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