Lure The Devil

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All a man wanted was fame, riches, and power, so he contacts a demon that takes his soul forever or does he?

Paul George
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• Chapter 1 - The Mind Of A Normal Living Man

It was just a normal day for Patrick, he had a great family, a great house, he basically had everything you really need in life, he may of not had everything he wanted, but he had everything he needed, but everything he wanted had a price, he complained to himself every day wishing he had money, power and fame. He heard about these big celebrities selling their souls to the devil for some quick fame and quick cash, so he wanted to find out how he himself can sell his soul to the devil so he could have all the power, fame, and money but that will lead up to an ultimate price, but he doesn’t know until it’s too late, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into, like why did he want fame, money, and power so bad? I know, it sounds great, but the ultimate price is ruthless.

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