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A short story of CRD95.

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

There they stood on an endless baron plain, covered with railroads and train tracks leading nowhere and everywhere at the same time. The youngest two held hands as the older three lead them forward. The sky empty and devoid of light, not even a single star in the sky. The only light provided were street lights scattered across the lifeless field. There was no sign or trace of life anywhere. No trees, no birds, not even a single blade of grass.

They walked for miles at a time, none of them made a sound. They didn't know where they were going, where they were, or why they were the only people around. The questions never once crossed their mind, they just continued to walk on an endless path to nowhere.
Walking an endless road that leads to more dirt, more Lights, and more railroads. Is it a dream. Is it a reality. Is it your dream. Is it your reality. No one is ever really sure. All people care about is their own path and their own reality. But some will end up on the baron field, forced to follow the endless railroads.
A path many tread upon, but dread having to walk it. They dread to follow, the Railroads
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