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Insomnia (Sequel to Schizophrenia)

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Nine months after Ryder Bends' life was ended by Blaze, all that's left for her is the hell of the after life of Mills Mental Institution. She has nothing left for her except the jumper she's stuck wearing, marked with the traces of her murder. Nothing is planned now; she's a lifeless soul wandering dark, deluded halls. Only time will tell until the new world she's come to know takes a full 180 not only on her, but the new life she has to learn all over again.

Horror / Drama
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I roughly opened the closet door open and slammed it behind me, not caring who heard. I yanked the metal chain and paced around the small room while running my fingers through my hair aggressively. My breathing became uneasy as the anger pumped through my veins. But the anger was soon mixed with the same pained, depressing weight I’ve carried for months on end. Tears quickly ran down my cheeks uncontrollably.

I sat against the wall and held my head in my hands as the tears continued to fall. I choked out a sob as I sat in the dimly lit closet as the pain took over my body. I sat in the lonely closet trying to calm myself until I heard shuffling coming from a corner of the closet along with a voice.

“Why so sad, Ryder?”

Trigger Warning: s*lf h*rm, s*xual a*sault

If these topics pertain to you, please do not read further.

A.N.: This entire novel is fiction; nothing is real. Do not take any of the situations in the novel seriously.

Please be sure to read the first book in the series, Schizophrenia, before reading this one; this is the sequel.

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