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"I didn't think I could do it, I Always had fear of everything."

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I didn't think I could do it, I always had fear of everything. for example, I've always been scared of bugs, I've made many nightmares. In my dreams, I saw the going out of the Walls by hundreds, they were so many that the sound of their feet on the aged paint resonated in my room. I flet no longer safe in it. Yet, it is now my refuge. It's in this room that I constantly think of what I wanna do. From now on, I know what I dream of making about my life.

At first, this idea just came to my mind, I thought about it a few times while I came back from school. However I was worried to realise that dream, each decision that you take during your life has consequences. the majority of them could have change my mind. But nothing could prevent me to do it, it does matter too much to me, it becomes a need. What's ironic in all of this it's that I never thought abour it before - before someone whispered the idea to me.

First, a few classmate advised me of it. I didn't really pay attention - after all I didn't know them that much. But they talked to me more and more, as they knew me. They kept telling me to do it, they supported me so that I fulfil what is today my biggest dream.

Then, I took an avid interest in bugs, those which I had bad dreams in the past. Every evening I watched them through the window. I was envious of them, I envied their little feet or wings that offer them freedom. Yes, my dream was simple : set me free. So many people wish me to do it, their encouragement never get out of my mind. I thought about it every morning while I was going to school. I was scared, I wasn't brave enough to do it.

So they kept supporting me up. They left notes in my locker or they came to talk to me between class. So I thought about it a little more everyday, I dreamt about it a little more. They even began to text me, all my classmates did it. I spent more time every night to watch the bugs enjoy their freedom.

A the same time, I reflected on my own freedom, it was getting close, I looked forward to doing it.

That day, I did it, I realised my dream.

I win liberty and lost my life.

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