A Whole Lot Of Summer Camp. Book 2/Two

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The entire camp watches a horror movie, and the counselors tell us a (not so) scary ghost story. Then a rumor goes around that there is a ghost serial killer at the camp. The people here are even more delusional than my Nevaeh’s insane Aunt Rita.

Horror / Fantasy
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Talk About Aunt Rita.

This horror movie is horrible. It’s just like every other horror movie. It’s obvious the killer is the police officer! “Oooh! What do you do when the kids are jerks? What do you do when the kids are jerks? YOU CHOP UNTIL IT HURTS!” The guy in the horror movie sang. Oh. It’s the cafeteria guy. That was unexpected.

A gruesome scene of the cafeteria dude chopping up a kid showed up. Everyone screamed. Some puked. Betty clinged onto me like her life depended on it. Me and Nevaeh seemed to be the only people unfazed. I didn’t expect Nevaeh out of all people to not be effected.

“How are you not scared? That’s not like you at all.” I said. “I used to have an aunt who worked here. She was the cook. She went insane, killed kids and fed their meat to the other kids.” She said. I was in shock. I knew this was a movie but hearing it in real life was a hundred times worse.

“Her name was Rita. This movie is based off of her.” Nevaeh said. “Wow... how did people find out?” I asked. “She was insane. She gave herself away after two weeks. She was almost found out on week one since everyone was getting sick.” She said. I felt like someone was watching us. I looked behind Nevaeh. One of Hanna’s peasants were eavesdropping.

“Hey! Get away!” I yelled. They ran away. The movie ended off with the cafeteria guy getting away with all of the murders. “Ok, the movie is over! Go to bed!” The owner yelled. Betty looked genuinely terrified. “Looks like I’m sleeping with Batty tonight.” She exclaimed. “Who is Batty? Wait, let me guess, it’s one of your stuffed animals.” Kendall said in a teasing way. “No, it’s my wooden baseball bat.” She said. How did she get that past the counselors?

“Wait!” The Fox counseler yelled. “We forgot the story!” She said. All of the counselors and the owner nodded. “Everyone, gather back around!” The owner said. Everyone gathered back around.

“There is a legend...” The owner began. “That a murderer worked right here, at this very camp.” Kendall said. “She would kill kids during the night, and cook them, for the other kids too eat!” “When the police found out, she was sentenced to death...” “ TO HANG ON THAT VERY TREE!” “Ever since, kids have reported ghost sightings...” “...but only when they hang something from a tree or eat meat right before bed!”

Everyone looked even more terrified. I was just mad. They took a real life event, and used it to scare campers?! I would rather just forget about it! “Ok, NOW everyone can go to bed!” The owner said. “Can you believe their taking advantage of your aunts insanity?!” I said. “I admit, it does make me a little mad, but that’s just how they attract campers nowadays. Scary stories.” She said. Wow, this camp really IS the worst...

•~The Next Day~•

I woke up with a sore back, as usual. Even the picnic tables would make a better bed. Everyone looked worried, except Nevaeh. She was just brushing her teeth. “What?” I asked. “Some snitch in the Fox Cabin spread the word that the killer was Aunt Rita!” Betty exclaimed angrily. I knew that super ugly girl was up to something!

“The kids can’t be THAT dumb to think that Nevaeh would be like Rita.” I said, getting up. I stretched, and at least twenty of my bones made a cracking sound. “Oh yes, they can be.” Kendall said. Looks like ‘Loser Lali’ will also be ‘Murderer/Killer Nevaeh’.

The cook banged his pot to wake everyone up. “BREAKFAST IS READY! COME GET IT OR DON’T EAT AT ALL!” He yelled. “I will be able to last. I would like it if you saved a biscuit though. The way that cook makes it gives it the best flavor.” I said. Betty nodded and all three went outside. I took my toothbrush, out toothpaste on it, and started brushing.

Was I finally going to have a friend that would also be bullied? I kinda like that combination... someone who always loses and someone who is supposedly a killer. It makes a good match. But would I also get bullied? Would the entire cabin get bullied? That ugly eavesdropping snitch needs a punch to the face, she made me confused!

I finished brushing, braided my hair, put my clothes on, and looked in the mirror. I looked more messy than usual. My red shirt was still stained from that mud I fell in on day one. My blue cap was fine. The cap my brother gave to me...I hope he’s okay. I would never stain this, not until the day I die!

I opened the door, walked over to my table, and sat down next to Nevaeh. Everyone was staring at us. They were all probably thinking of insults. Probably like “Loser Lali and Murderer Nevaeh! Who will go insane first?! My bet is is on the killer!” Nowadays bully insults are super stupid. My dad said his friend was a bully, and his insults were better than my brothers steak. His steak was amazing.

“Ignore them, their all just dumb kids.” I said, rolling my eyes. I saw a group of kids walking up to the table. “Hey Nevaeh, thought you might need this to cook.” One of them said with a big smirk on their face. They set a large sharp knife on the table next to her hand. Here came the anger problems. It ran in my family. My dog peed on my mom’s pillow. After that our dog became history.

They walked away laughing. “I say we stick squirrels in their pants and let nature take its course.” I said with clear anger in my voice. Everyone looked at me strangely. “It takes too much work to catch a squirrel.” Kendall exclaimed. I took my biscuit and ate. Their eyes are like lasers searing into my soul. I just wish they could stop staring for once.

Stop staring...stop staring..JUST STOP STARING!

Everyone’s eyes reverted to their food. All at the same time. Weird. Must be a coincidence. Suddenly Nurse Siera came running, looking super worried. She started talking to the cook. The same peasant of Hanna eavesdropped. Oh, what boring rumor is she gonna spread now?

•~After Breakfast~•

“Ok, time for arts and crafts! Today we will be painting with nail polish!” Kendall said excitingly, but with a bit of sarcasticness at the side. My brother taught me how to paint. I’m not the greatest, but it’s decent. I took the dark blue nail polish and got to painting. When I was half-way into the outlining some girl ran up to the table.

“Have you guys heard?!” She asked out of breath. “No..” Betty exclaimed, confused.

“One of the kids here was stabbed with the cooks knife last night!”
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