Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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*Warning 18+ Abuse, murder and slight BDSM* A beautifully elegant vacation spot for those looking to relax or wanting a one of a kind find. What they don't know about this beautifully placed mansion is it's secrets and hidden passageways., The walls hold it's dark secrets and questionable past that the guests wouldn't want to know about. Will there stay be as satisfying as they think or will it end in a rush of red.

Horror / Erotica
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Chapter 1. Intro

Right and wrong.

White and black rules.

What about those shades of grey that people think is right but others don’t think is? What is right to one isn’t always the same for another. We all have a different ideology of what we believe is the right path to walk.

When it doesn’t sit with what the rest of society thinks is right makes you an outcast or shunned. Who is the ultimate decider of what’s right or wrong? Black or White. There’s always shades of grey that most live their lives in because it isn’t always just one way.

What happens when you find your soulmate and both think in exactly the same way.

Great things can happen. Or great chaos. It all depends on the point of view of who you ask.

Hailey Lane and Malakai Nickolas Mansion met and fell head over heels in love. Fell so fast that within a year of dating they married and purchased a mansion with 100 acres. It’s a lovely property with a pond, steam and forest taking up most of the property.

The mansion itself is massive and very well preserved for being 100 years old. With an indoor pool, an outdoor pool added, 40 rooms in total and a lot of potential. They got to work making it into a bed and breakfast for those who want to antique or need somewhere to relax.

It’s got that rustic appeal that make everyone feel at ease easily and has enough trials on the property that even after a day everyone feels rejuvenated.

What the guests don’t know is, before the Mansions opened for business, they added hidden walls and corridors behind the walls for them to easily maneuver from room to room without being seen or heard. They had also added soundproofing to the rooms. Housekeeping, gift shop, kitchen staff or other employees don’t even know about these hidden walkways in the mansion that they work in.

Nor are they even allowed into the basement. The top floor is off limits to guests and only allowed to clean it once a week if that. Do their employers Hailey and Malakai have something to hide? Or are they just like any body else in liking their personal space with there own quarters?

None ask about it, they like there jobs to much and know they are paid above average compared to others in similar positions. Are they given an opportunity or paid for there silence?

Don’t ask, don’t tell is what it seems to be among the employees. Or spoken in deep whispers in the dark, hidden places.

The walls have ears. The pictures have eyes and the unknown can be feared.

Don’t scream it was only the busboy delivering the food. First day on the job and all jittery. Whispers of sorry and knocks on the door as guests get their food.

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