Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 10. Watching


“I’ve got an idea for tonight love.” Malakai says as we leave the café. I raise an eyebrow to him.

“An idea huh? Is it good?” I ask him curious as to what got him excited.

“Yes. We’re going to have some fun and do some watching tonight.” He whispers into my ear, causing me to shiver.

“Mmm baby sounds like fun.” I sigh to him. He runs his hand through my hair as he runs his soft lips along my neck, placing kisses as he goes.

I purr enjoying our moment. He stops glancing around as he opens the passage to go into the walls.

With everyone in the café we still have time before anyone will be back in their rooms. We walk around and occasionally peak into the odd room. We get to the end of the hall to Room 1. I look in and notice that the guest is in there. I motion for Mal to look and he furrows his eyes slightly.

We go into the enclosed room to see better. He has pictures on his bed. He holds one up and it shows something burned on it. Looks like he has a few photos like that on his bed. His phone starts to ring. He looks at the caller and picks up.

“Hello. Yes, this is he. Yes, I have the target. Yes, will look like the others and burnt.” He says answering the person on the other end. He hums his approvals after that. Looks like this guy has something he doesn’t want anyone to know. “I will make it look like an accident don’t worry, it isn’t the first time I’ve burned someone.”


I look up to Daddy to see what he’s thinking. His face it set. I know that look of his. It’s disapproval as we stumbled onto someone who’s doing wrong without trying. He needs to be taken out before he can continue to burn innocent people. Of course, we will watch at first. I know he won’t want to just get him before knowing everything.

“Stay here babygirl. See if you learn anything else, I’m going to go do a little digging. I’ll be right back ok.” He says sternly and a growl that I don’t like.

“Yes, Daddy I will stay and watch.” I tell him with a slight nod. I get comfy as I sit on the ground and watch him. He brings up his computer and surfs the web. I wonder what he’s watching.

Once the moaning started, I knew he put on porn. It’s something we all watch so nothing wrong with that. I wonder how many people he’s hurt. His phone rings again. He smiles and picks up.

“Hello love how are you. Yes, I got here fine don’t worry ok. I’m on a case ok. Yes, I am always safe don’t worry love. Yes, I’ll call before I come home. Love you too. Talk again soon.” He says hanging up. I wonder if his wife knows about what he does? His phone rings again. He’s a popular guy.

He picks it up.

“Hey. Ok. I’ll make sure the body won’t be identified. Not even dental records. I’m here for one night and will get the job done tomorrow. Yes of course.” He hangs up.

Whatever he has planned it will be for tomorrow night at the latest. Especially since he will want time with his victim before burning them. At least we have some time. I know he’s checking out late tomorrow so maybe we can follow him and get him, instead of him getting his prey.

I have no idea how long I’ve been in here watching in. He goes back to watching porn. Mal walks up to me and rests a hand on my shoulder.

“Well he is an arsonist. Looked deep and found who may be the caller. A friend of his whose wife has stepped out. A post was put up for him to see saying how he’d like to see her roasted dark and crispy. I mean yeah it could be something innocent but I contacted the guy and he said he is paying him to burn her.” He tells me.

“He is a wack job. He got a few more calls while you were finding that. One his partner saying to be safe. The other was him leaving tomorrow to do the job after he checks out. So, I say we follow him after he leaves here and do to him before he does to her.” I suggest. We have a slight plan at least.

Hopefully this guy goes to where he plans to do the job before hand to prepare. If he does then we can at least get him instead. It’s a big risk to take. Especially if he doesn’t go there first. We will just have to see tomorrow now don’t we. Should be interesting and fun.

To burn and leave him where we get him or bring him here and torture him? That’s always the question isn’t it.

“We’ll bring him here if we are able to dear. That way we can attempt to teach him a lesson.” He says giving me a spank.

“Sounds good to me.” I reply, looking up to him with a smile.

He takes my hand and we head out. Wasn’t expecting that at all. But we found the next one who doesn’t deserve to be here. Needs to be taken care of.

Needs to be taken care of fast. Who knows how many more people he will get if we don’t take care of this? With his affinity for fire, so many things can go wrong. We have a job to do, even though we’d get labeled as murders for doing it. They don’t understand that we are doing good for the world, for our community.

We are doing good.

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