Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 17. Aftermath


The party turned out great last night. After our play we went back out after we rested slightly. Hailey wanted a little rest with having orgasmed twice. I think she was just weak in the knees. But we relaxed a bit before going back out. When we did everyone was dancing and enjoying their time. It was a great sight to see. We danced a little more, before calling it a night. I carried Hailey up to our room. She fell asleep right as I placed her onto the bed.

It was nice to see her so tired after having a good night. It’s not often that we have that much activity. Or at least not in that way. I slowly wake up still wearing the shirt from last night. I’m glad I at least took my pants off.

Kitten is still fast asleep. I grab my phone.

“Hey Celeste, please make sure the ballroom is cleaned up.” I say to her. I don’t want to go in there at a later date to find it disgusting.

“Already on it, boss.” She says.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” I say to her before hanging up.

I go to the bathroom and take a sip from the tap. I can’t believe how thirsty I am. Hailey will need something to drink when she wakes up. Maybe having food brough up would be the best idea for today. I pick up my phone again.

“Hey Sam. I’d like some food to be brought up. 2 plates of sausage, scrambled eggs with onions and pepper in it, extra hash browns on my wife’s plate please, and a bowl of grapes to share. I’d like a cup of coffee and orange juice brought up with the food please.” I say into the phone.

“Yes boss. I will bring that up to you shortly.” He says politely, as if last night didn’t happen. Such a professional young man. It’s nice to see.

“Thank you, Sam.” I say hanging up.

Maybe should do that once a month for the guests and staff. Will have to sit on it though. Want to make sure its worth doing. Maybe if we made it a more public thing to and open it up to the town. If we do that then we can sell drinks and have people see our B&B. Think about that another time. There’s a knock at the door.

That will be our food. Hailey starts to stir. I open the door.

“Your food Sir.” Sam says holding up the tray of food.

“Thanks, put it on the table please.” I say pointing to the table by the window. He puts it down as he gives a slight nod.

He looks over at Hailey as she stretches in bed. He still blushes as he looks away and leaves. I can’t help but smile at his shyness. I’m glad that even after last night he still is polite and professional. I bet if we wanted to add a third, he’d be willing. If we wanted to though. She sits up in bed and rubs her eyes.

I didn’t change her out of her dress last night. She walks up to me and hugs me, in a slight daze.

“Morning handsome.” She says with her cute morning voice.

“Morning love. I had breakfast brought up to us today ok. Please sit and eat you need your strength. Plus, afterwards we can maybe go for a walk in the forest.” I suggest to her, holding up the glass of juice for her. She takes it and has a sip.

“It looks good thank you.” She says sitting in the window sill. I hand her a plate of food and she eats it. I’m glad she has an appetite. She leans against the edge of the window, looking outside as she eats.

It’s fairly nice but with the way the clouds look it could turn to rain. We finish our food. She goes into the bathroom and turns the shower on. I’m glad she ate it all. She doesn’t take too long in the shower and then gets dressed. I put something casual on as well. With how late we got out of bed and eating its early afternoon.

Nothing wrong with that. I bet most of the guests are taking it easy as well. We take it easy this afternoon. Walking around outside. Hailey occasionally places the rocks on the path into the garden. As we walk up the path in the back towards the forest, we notice a male watching one of the females walk into the forest.

That doesn’t look good at all. He follows behind her. Hailey looks up at me with concern on her face. We walk along after them. We occasionally stop and clear the path because branches had blocked the way. Must have been some strong wind to do this.

It seems like no matter what we do, there will always be someone who thinks they can get away with a crime. Even if they haven’t yet committed it. What makes people think that it’s ok to harm others or do these wrong things? Do they think that they will never get caught? Or is it that they wont ever be put away for what they do? One may never truly know.

Even if asked how can we know for sure if they are telling the truth or if they will just say what you want to hear. This world is full of decent people, and the ones who aren’t will find there maker soon enough. Hopefully soon enough our corner will be cleared of those wrong doers. Hopefully.

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