Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 19. Singular


A new day.

A fresh, clear, sunny day.

Yesterday’s one went too fast for me. Would have been nice to have let his pain go longer. But it was necessary to do it that way. I’m glad Hailey got that frustration out and dealt with it the right way.

Nature will clean up for us in the forest. Not that anyone walks where we had him. At least I’d hope not anyways, otherwise things could get very ugly, very fast.

We’re sitting in our usually spot in the café. I know I’m zoned out slightly thinking about the kill last night. I shouldn’t be thinking about this. Though it’s fresh and we are doing good. Even if most don’t think that. Soon enough the next scum will find its way into our lives to get rid of. We can only do this one person at a time. One person closer to a better world. Just like most things in life.

In a journey of a thousand steps, starts with just one.

It’s the same concept with this. Hailey looks like she’s staring off into space as well.

“Breaking news. Another body found this morning. This time in front of a police station. That’s 2 pairs and now 2 single dead bodies found. Total of 6 people killed and dumped. Tortured in different ways. Each with a note or photos of the crimes they committed. It seems we have someone taking care of the scum in our corner of the world. Whoever it is let’s hope they are finished. The town is getting more freaked as the bodies keep piling up. Even with them getting ride of criminals. They will get caught.”

The radio host announced. Well, hopefully they aren’t to scared. We aren’t to be feared, we are only going after scum. That is correct now. They found the bodies in two couples and two singles. Even if one of those couples weren’t actually a couple. The media can spin it however they want, these people deserved what they got for the crimes they have committed.

If they can’t see that then that isn’t on us.

Whispers break out about the new news. A handful have been here when the first one was aired. Some are definitely getting nervous about the murders. Hopefully this won’t scare off any of the guests. Hailey personally cleaned out that one person’s room and put his few belongings in the wall for now. It was his check out day anyways. He wasn’t here for long but he paid right up front. So, there’s no trail.

Well hopefully there isn’t any trail anyways.

We’ve been very careful with how we handle them when we are done. Making sure that we wear gloves when handling the papers of there crimes or to not leave DNA behind. Well they haven’t found anything over the years so I don’t know why they would pick up anything now. Breakfast is over and our day continues.

Whispers about the 6th person being found float around the mansion. Unlike the last few that were broadcasted, none of them went around like this. It’s a bit unsettling that it’s happening with this one. But it could be because of how he was found and where.

We just go about our business like normal. Or almost like normal. I know she wanted to do that but it just got to her. Though I think it’s because everyone’s talking more about this one around here. I think that’s what got to her. Hopefully it doesn’t last. We both saw what he was doing and he deserved the punishment he got.

It should blow over soon enough. We aren’t in town, so there is no threat. Well there is, but for most of the people who come here are normal people. So, they are able to go about their business and shouldn’t let it get to them. We only go after those who truly deserve it. Everyone should worry about killers or rapists or arsonist or anyone who has an inkling of deviance.

We’ll do what we can to protect the innocent in anyway we can. It’s been a slow day. No new guests checking in or out today. Slow days are very nice.

Kitten is standing behind reception, so I walk up behind her. I wrap my arms around her and hug her close. I breath in her scent and smile. I give her a nice spank.

“You smell good love.” I say to her.

“Thanks. I know everyone’s been talking about the one they found this morning. It’s crazy how this one is making everyone on edge. It shouldn’t. They are safe.” She says leaning into me. She sighs softly letting her mind rest.

“Yeah I know. We are safe here. It’s in town I know. Some of them have been here since the first announcement so its understandable that they are concerned ok. It will die down soon enough.” I tell her rationally.

“I know.” She sighs looking up to me. I kiss her forehead and give her a playful spank to help her relax. She smiles as my hand connects.

“We have slow days, there’s nothing wrong with that. It happens. Plus, I think the interview we had will be out tomorrow. So, there’s something to look forward to. You excited about that?” I ask her curiously. She smiles bigger.

“Yes, I’m excited to see how she put it together. Wonder if it will be worth framing or not.” She says with a hint of joking.

“I’m sure it will be good. We answered honestly. If we don’t like it, we can just leave it be. Nothing to it alright.” I say kissing her ear.

“Yes Daddy. If its good its good, if we don’t like it we will ignore it. Thanks for thinking it won’t be good.” She teases licking my cheek.

“Anytime my love.” I say. She licks my cheek again and wiggles her bum against me. Such a brat.

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