Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 24. Quiet


Media has been quiet the last few days, which has put everyone to ease. Or at ease the best they could. Just because they think the killing has stopped doesn’t actually mean it has. Plus, with it not being reported or found everyone thinks it stopped as well. What they don’t know can’t scare them, yet. Malakai has been quite since he woke up.

Something’s going on. He generally can work this out on his own but with what happened yesterday, he just seems distant. He didn’t sleep well and was in and out a handful of times. That doesn’t happen to him very often. Hopefully he will let me in on what’s bothering him. Also seems like he can’t stop pacing around everywhere he goes.

The woman yesterday was hard on me yes. It sucks that she murdered her family and what she went through. It needed to be done, so I can see why I was a bit moody but he’s never acted like this. Unless he’s trying to figure out a way to say something to me. Or trying to find a way to make sure something doesn’t affect me.

My stomach drops. He was later to bed then, even for what we did last night, he tossed and turned all night. With him being quiet since waking and up pacing now, he found out something last night that he didn’t mean to hear most likely.

He’s worrying over how I might react to whatever he found out. I take his arm in mine and lead him to the back yard. No one’s out here at the moment, which is good. We go to a hammock that’s off to the side, for a little more privacy just in case someone comes out to use the pool. I sit on the hammock with my legs hanging off the side.

He sits beside me, his feet touching the ground, moving us slightly.

“Sorry babygirl, I know I’ve been quiet.” He says holding my hand.

“You have been, yes. I know to let you be until your ready to tell me about it. I thought maybe if we sat out here on the hammock it would be a nice change. To let our minds relax a bit.” I say with a smile. Its true for the most part. I do want to know what he’s thinking, but I can’t push him or he will walk away and shut me out for a while. At least this way we can enjoy the sun, breeze and nature.

“I know babygirl. I can feel you holding back from asking me what’s going on. I appreciate you learning to let me do this on my own. Its something I wish I didn’t hear. I know you can feel that I’ve been unsettled slightly. With not being able to sleep well last night and what not. I am sorry.” He offers placing his head onto mine and softly smelling my hair.

“It’s fine alright. I love you always and I’m here whenever your ready to talk.” I tell him snuggling close to him a she wraps an arm around me. My snuggle bug. I smile into him.

“I know. Just its more about finding another murderer. I over heard her talking to someone last night in the café. Said her boyfriend ended it because she’s pregnant again. Then the voices in her head told her to put he other 2 children into a closet and starve them so that her new child could be the light int his world. Or that it will do good. She killed her two healthy children because the voices in her head said so. She’s also checking out later today. I wanted to check and see. But she will be checking out around dinner time.” He tells me. I can see why it’s been weighing him down and why he was unsure of how to tell me.

“Well if she checks out tonight let’s go see if she’s in her room and see what she says ok.” I suggest. He looks at me with a soft smile.

“Alright.” He says getting out of the hammock and helping me out. We walk into our home. We carefully go into the closet and into the walls without being seen. During the day it’s a bit harder to make sure we aren’t followed or seen going into the walls. We managed to do it though.

She’s in room 4. He leads the way to her room. We go into the slightly bigger hidden room so we can see her better. She’s sitting on her bed crying. Can understand why she’d be crying, especially if what Malakai heard last night turns out to be true. I don’t think he’s lying it just we never found someone that fast after getting rid of another.

She picks up her phone and dials. She spoke softly into it. Whoever is on the other end must be able to hear her better.

She cries into the phone.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do Pastor. I miss them so much. I didn’t mean to lock them away and starve them like that. The voice’s told me to do it. They wouldn’t stop crying and I miss them so much. Can I ever be forgiven for what I’ve done?” She asks into the phone. She murdered her children.

Something told her to do it and she got rid of them. If she asked for help, she could have gotten it. We didn’t stay long after that. She starved her own children for whatever reason. That isn’t ok. She was given the gift of children and threw it away. She’s going to understand what her children went through.

“We’ll take care of it. She’ll understand what her children felt ok.” I softly say to him. He nods.

“I know. We’ll get her as she goes to her car. Everyone will be inside and going to eat at that time.” He says looking at me with his smile.

“Yeah. What is with this. Found someone yesterday who murdered there family and last night you happened to stumble onto this. This has never happened to us. Here’s to hoping there’s no more child killers. It’s never fun to deal with that.” I say giving him a hug.

“I agree.” He says rubbing my back. The day goes on uneventfully. With that one person checking out, we are basically at full capacity. Will only have 3 vacant rooms. Not bad. One of the other receptionists are at the desk as the woman gets checked out. She takes her bag with her eyes puffy from crying.

She gets to the door and opens it. She stands in it, staring into the sunset and getting lost in her thoughts. Everyone is in the café eating now. The staff on duty have dispersed as I go up to her.

“Would you like some help getting your things to the car?” I ask her. She jumps a little when I talk to her. I guess she wasn’t expecting anyone.

“Sure.” She says softly. I take her bag and we leave the door. Mal closes the door behind us, not that she noticed with being in her head. It’s fine makes it a bit easier to be honest. We’ll take her car to the outskirts of town.

She unlocks the back of her car and I put the suitcase in it.

“Thank you.” She says kindly.

“Your welcome.” I say back. She turns around and sees Mal there. It makes her stop in her tracks and tilt her head. Without thinking about it I take her head and hit it off her car. Which makes her pass out. He looks at me shocked. I just look at him with the I don’t know how that worked look.

He quickly picks her up and heads toward the shed. I follow behind him after I look around. No one’s around to see what happened. We go up the trail that’s behind the shed. Its barely used. It leads to an under-ground storage hold. We had it put in when we got the place as a just in case there was a natural disaster that we needed to hide out in it.

It never came about so we had chains put in for if we needed to hold someone. I get the doors open for Malakai to go down first. I follow behind him, shutting one of the doors. He puts her on the ground in the corner where we have wrist chains attached to the ground. He places them onto her wrists and walks back to me.

We leave the storage area, lock it up and head back home.

“Now she’ll understand what it feels like to be starved.” He says to me. He picks up the keys that are laying by her car. He gets in and drives off. I get the keys to our car and drive after him. Not at a close pace anyways.

It’s outside of town, closer to our home then I’d like. Here’s to hoping if found they think it got hot wired by some teens. Thankfully there’s some brush that he hid the car in.

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