Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 25. Ravenous


She’s been in the storage area now for about a week. She’ll be feeling the effects of being starved by now. No food and no water will have her weak. Of all the ways to hurt someone, this is one of the worst ways to do it. The process is slow and painful. The end will come fast though. Will bring the shovel, make a hole and possibly use it on her.

Brutal, maybe. With her weakened state, she won’t fight back at least. Will let Hailey get her frustration of the parent killing her children out of her system at least. With this being the second to murder children, she might appreciate getting a little brutal towards her.

The last week has been laid back, swimming, taking care of our work place and eating. Hailey’s been antsy to take care of her as well. Soon enough it will be taken care of.

“Kitten, you ready to handle things tonight?” I ask her as she sips her water.

“Yes, it will be good to handle it.” She replies with a smile. This time it hasn’t been affecting her as bad. Her strength has gotten better to. Part of that is from me making her eat at least 2 meals a day. Though she’s been a good kitten and eaten 3 a day. I know it’s hard at times for us to eat at regular intervals, but I’m glad she’s making the effort to do so. She’s been getting me to do it as well.

It’s worth it though. We’ll have the energy needed for tonight. After eating we sit on the porch swing. The clouds in the distance are a bit darker than I’d like. But nothing we can do to change them. With a storm the ground will be a bit harder to dig. It can and will be done.

Thunder cracks. The last few staff who live in town exit the door. They wave and head out. Didn’t realize that it was getting so late. We wave back as they drive off. She takes my arm as we head to the shed. She grabs the shovel before we head to the storage area. Lightning flashes across the sky as thunder booms right after.

I open the storage area. She goes down with the shovel in hand before I close the door behind us. She gets the lanterns around the room lit up. Our murdering guest is cowering in the corner. Frail, shivering and scared. She whimpers softly as the last light blazes on. She looks up to us with big, round, puffy eyes.

“How old were your children when you put them into the closet?” Hailey asks her bluntly.

“What are you talking about?” She asks meekly.

“I heard you talking in the café. You said the voices in your head told you to starve your children so the one your carrying can be the good in the world.” I say to her. She frowns remembering that.

“Things haven’t been going well for me recently and I’ve been hearing things I shouldn’t. I miss my children a lot and I wish I could take back what I did.” She tells us, watching the floor. Her fingers are raw and she looks very pale. Being chained does wonders to help people like her understand a bit better the pain they cause the world.

The pain they cause others. They don’t ever see what they do until it happens to them and by then its already too late for there victims.

“There’s no going back to save them now sadly.” I say to her. I’m not angry, I’m just tired of others hurting. Hailey leans on the shovel. Her hands over lap on the handle, as her chis rests on the top of her hands. She watched us talk. Calm. She’s very calm.

I’m glad this isn’t getting to her as much. At least this type of killer anyways. Though it could just be a mask. She looks up to me and smiles softly. I smile back at her as I pull her into a hug. A soft sigh escapes her wonderful lips as I hug her tight. She kisses my chest.

Thunder cracks more above us as the rain falls. It’s a wonderful sound to hear the patter of the rain against the doors of the storage room. Will be easy for Hailey to fall asleep tonight. This is the weather she adores. She smiles as the rain pounds outside.

“You had a gift. Two wonderful gifts in those children you killed. It’s unforgivable what you did to them.” Hailey says in a soft and hurt voice.

“I didn’t mean to hurt them. The voices made me do it.” She sobs out scared.

“Nothing made you do it. You acted on something that isn’t there and harmed the lives you made and that is never tolerated.” She tells her.

I hold her into me and kiss her neck. She melts into my hold as I kiss her. Humming softly reaching a hand up into my hair.

“You have the honours my dear to deal the death.” I whisper into her ear. I know she enjoys it when she shivers against me. Accidently brushed against me with her nice warm, round bum. I sigh softly onto her hear.

“Yes Daddy. I will take care of her.” She says leaning her head to the side to get a better look at me. She smiles up to me innocently. Though I know she’s far from innocent in some instances, she just has her moments.

She takes the end of shovel, dragging it behind her as she walks towards the child killer. The woman cowers away from my love. It doesn’t do her any good. But the sound of the shovel on the ground unnerves her in a way that I can’t explain. It’s good to see she’s scared of death, to understand that fear that she gave to someone who trusted her.

Hailey lifts up the shovel so it’s straight up, the tip touching the ground. The woman shivers. She looks up through her fingers as Hailey tilts her head slightly enjoying the sight below her as she lifts up the shovel slightly. She drives the end of the shovel down into the woman’s ankle. Severing it with the first blow. Didn’t realize our shovel was that sharp.

The woman screams as it took her foot off. She squirms as the pain takes hold. Hailey takes off the other foot. More screams as the blood spills out of her legs. She looks up at Hailey, eyes pleading for mercy. She gets what she deserves.

With the blood running out of her she becomes weaker than she was before. Her movements become laboured as she tried to cover her face. It doesn’t take long before she lays on her back too weak to move or protect herself. Hailey drives the shovel into her more. Taking off both legs, arms and eventually her head for last.

The body and corner are all bloodied with the dismemberment. She did a good job. She even drove the shovel at her wrists. Her hands fell out of the chains.

“Kitten, I’ll go dig the hole ok. You rest while I do this please.” I say to her, resting a hand on her shoulder.

She nods as she hands me the bloody shovel. She follows me to the stairs to get out and sits down. Looking at her hands. They must be feeling a bit raw from holding the handle and driving it so hard into the woman so many times. I open the door and close it behind me as I get out of the storage area. The rain has subsided for now. Though thunder and lightening still disperse across the sky.

I don’t go too far from the storage area; it’s hardly used anyway. Nothing will show of what happened here. If someone did the blood could be put to possibly animals getting in and killing one another. Or trespassers found it and did who knows what. Nothing can or will be pinned to us.

The hole looks deep and wide enough that it shouldn’t be able to attract wild life. Or be unearthed from any down poor. Hopefully. I drive the end of the shovel hard into the ground so that it won’t fall over. I go into the storage area again, leaving the one door open. Hailey is still sitting on the step, looking at her hands.

“Help me bring up the pieces to the hole please love.” I ask her placing a hand on her hair soothingly.

“Yes Daddy.” She says softly to me, getting up and walking over to what she did. We take up the pieces of the body and into the hole. It didn’t take to long to deal with. As I fill in the hole, she turns off the lanterns in the storage area. She emerges from the storage area, locks it up and waits for me. I pat the earth down a few times. Though with the earth wet and the sky about to pour some more I don’t need to worry to much about it.

We head back home. I put the shovel in the shed. It’s a little muddy but that’s better then bloody. As I shut the door it starts to pour again. Hailey smiles as we get to the house. I stand on the porch watching her twirl around in the rain slightly. I’m glad she enjoys it. It always helps her feel better on day’s like this. That are long and dealing with scum.

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