Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 26. Zany


It’s been a crazy couple of days. Or crazy week. Two killers found right after another. Both taken care of and buried in the yard. Suitcases and cars taken care of as well. I don’t like that both women killed their children. I just can’t stand that these women would do such a thing to their own children. They made them. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. It’s done with though. We can move past it.

It was nice to have the rain last night. Felt good to have it run down my hair and splash my face after what we did. Malakai let me twirl in the rain and enjoy the coolness of it. It does help me feel better, like it cleanses me in a sense. It helps me feel better.

Who knows what else we might find or learn about our guests? Anything is possible.

“Hey babygirl you eat this morning?” Malakai asks as he comes down the stairs with a big smile on his face. He generally seems happy or has a big smile on his face after a kill. I love seeing him so happy go lucky and so spirited. Makes me smile more. He stands behind me and wraps his arms around me. I lean back ad wiggle against him.

He chuckles as I look up at him with a big smile. He continues to smile as well enjoying me rubbing against him.

“Yes, I ate Daddy. You go eat please.” I ask him as I look into his eyes. They sparkle with his smile.

“Shortly my love I promise. I wanted to show you something.” He says entwining our hands together. I raise an eyebrow to him as he leads the way. We go into the closet and then the walls. He pushes me against the wall and kisses me deeply running his hands down my back and pulls me close to him. His hands squeeze my ass as he holds me close.

He pulls away and leads the way again. We go to room 15. Mal looks through the portrait and smiles as he opens the door to the hidden room. We shut it behind us and the male in the room is sitting on the bed. I remember him, he checked in alone. He has a woman standing in front of him with lace lingerie on.

He’s also nude. No wonder Mal wanted to show me and surprise me. He leans back as the woman goes down to her knees and deep throats him. He smiles wide. Malakai pulls me close to him, making sure my bum rubs against his hardening cock. It’s been a bit since we’ve had some fun. I’ve been missing him deep in me.

Another woman leaves the bathroom fully nude. Mmm looks like this guy is going to have his hands full. The woman undresses the other woman. Mal runs his hands up my shirt and pinch my nipples. I bite my lip enjoying the tease.

The one woman continues to blow him as the other leans him back and sits on his face. She sighs as he runs his tongue along her. We undress each other missing the others body. He runs his hand down my stomach and plays with my clit. He knows how to tease me well. He bites my neck as he slips his fingers into me. I sigh enjoying him.

The scene in the room unfolds. Enjoying each others bodies as they play, kiss and fuck. Daddy places his lips on my breast and kisses them. Licking the nipples playfully and biting. I moan softly as he bites my nipples, pulling on them. I grab his cock and rub it as he pleasures me. He looks up to me as he pulls on my nipple again. He smiles as I grip him.

“Babygirl’s missed me in her huh?” He whispers in my ear. I sigh unsteadily as his breath tickles my ear.

“Yes, Daddy like you wouldn’t believe.” I tell him as I take a breath of pleasure when he pressed hard and fast on my clit.

“I’m glad, I’ve missed your tight wet hole as well.” He tells me. I kiss him deeply and bite his lower lip. He purrs as he takes his hand out of me. I let his lip go and he spins me around. I wiggle against his hard cock as he holds me tight.

The man in the room is really enjoying the two women. Taking them both hard and fast, making them both scream out in pleasure.

“Take me Daddy. I need you in me.” I moan out wanting him so bad.

“Oh, really now babygirl. How badly do you want me inside you?” He asks pulling my hair and giving me a good spank.

“Oh, Daddy I need you badly.” I sigh out.

He chuckles behind me as he bites my neck. He rubs his cock between my legs. He can feel how wet I am for him. He runs his hands up and pulls on my nipples again. He places a kiss on my shoulder as he enters me. I smile and sigh. He sighs himself.

He pulls on my hair again and thrusts deep and fast. I moan loud enjoying every thrust he gives me. I’ve needed this so much. He spanks me hard as he thrusts hard into me. I scream out. He sighs enjoying himself as well. He holds me close as he pounds me fast. I breath fast and shallow as I moan. I cum on him as he continues to thrust.

“Mmm yes babygirl.” He says breathing hard into my ear. I moan more as he keeps pounding into me. Oh, I love how he feels deep inside of me like this. I know he loves how I feel too otherwise we’d never do this. I lean my head back in my pleasures as he sighs and spanks me again.

“Oh, Daddy yes. Cum in me Daddy yes don’t stop.” I moan out to him.

“Every chance I get babygirl.” He moans back. I can feel his cock swell as he cums into me. I smile wide as his seed flows into me. He pushes deep into me as his seed fills me up.

“Mmm that feels so good Daddy.” I say to him enjoying our moment.

“I know babygirl. I enjoyed it so much too. I love you so much.” He says kissing my shoulder again and hugging me.

“I love you too Daddy.” I say to him. He pulls out and we get dressed. The three in the room are still going at it. What a show. We still have work to do. I can feel his seed soak into my undies. I smile.

“You’re such a good girl kitten. We shouldn’t wait so long between playing love.” He says pulling me into his hug.

“I know love. We really shouldn’t I love you inside me so much. Your so good to me.” I say to him resting my head on his chest. “My undies are covered in your seed now Daddy. It will be fun working the rest of the day like this.” I smile and giggle to him.

“Oh, I know love. Makes me enjoy every second of it. Makes me horny to know my seed has soaked your underwear. To know you working the rest of the day like that makes me turned on love.” He says growling. I feel the rumble in his chest. Its calming.

“Well Daddy just keep that in mind might want to have you again later.” I tease him as I run my nails across his back.

He smiles and raises an eyebrow to me. “Oh, really now?” I giggle to him and smile innocently.

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