Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 28. Underwater


I stretch as I slowly wake up. The patter of rain hitting our window. I smile and roll over. I kiss Mal’s forehead as I get out of bed. I go over to the window and look out. It’s pouring hard out and I enjoy the sound of it just as much as I enjoy the smell. There are large puddles outside. I bite my lip with how hard and how much it’s rained. I hope this rain fall doesn’t unearth our special garden guests. It won’t do us any good at hiding them if the rain brings them up.

I know we made the two holes deep enough, but if the rain’s persistent enough at this hard rate, anything is possible. I open the window and inhale the lovely petrichor smell. I let the stress out. We should be alright. They are hidden and deep enough. We will be alright. I take another deep breath of the rain. Just what I needed.

I sit on our bed and kiss Mal’s forehead again. He smiles up to me, blinking a few times. I push some of his brown hair out of his eyes.

“Morning handsome.” I say to him.

“Morning kitten.” He says in his deep morning voice.

“Let’s go eat something and figure out how we’re going to handle the guy in room 15. The guy who electrocuted the bird and human.” I say to him, patting his hand as he furrowed his eyebrows. He is just waking up so I can understand why he forgot about what I told him about him for a moment. He nods his head slightly.

“Sounds like a plan babygirl. Let’s go eat and then figure it out.” He says huskily. He sits up, rubs his eyes and stretches. He gets up and dresses. I put something on as well. I go back to the window as he puts on his shirt and shoes. I smell the rain once again, closing my eyes, enjoying the smell. After breakfast sitting on the porch will be nice.

I close the window so that our room doesn’t get soaked as we go about our daily routine. When I turn around and face Mal, he looks more awake as he holds his hand out for me. I take his hand as we make our way downstairs. Someone’s standing at the front desk, waiting for someone. We stand by the person.

“Hello how may we help you?” I ask the man. He turns around and faces us.

“Do you work here?” He asks us.

“We are the owners why do you ask Sir?” Malakai responds to him.

“Well nice to meet you both. I work in town. I’m Detective Joel Reaver. Can I ask you both a couple questions?” He asks us.

“Alright. Please come this way.” I say holding a hand out towards the library nook. He nods as we lead the way. Mal and I sit on the couch as the Detective sits on the chair across from us.

“Is everything alright Detective?” I ask confused as to why he would be here.

“Well we found Katrina Breath’s car on the outskirts of town the other day. We called some of her family and one said she came here for a few days. Then after that she disappeared. We’re just looking into what happened. Do you know where she went after checking out?” Detective Reaver asks us. I look up to Malakai not recalling who that person is. He frowns slightly to hear the news.

“I don’t know. She was a quiet guest and tipped at the end of her stay. I helped bring her suitcase to her car. I mean as I helped her, she seemed to be distant like something was bothering her.” I say to him.

“I don’t know what happened when she left Detective.” Malakai says to him.

“Do you know what had her seeming distant by chance?” He asks looking at me.

“No, I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to push her over the edge if it was something too personal. I hope she’s alright and that she’s found Detective.” I say to him looking worried. I don’t know how they found the car and why they’d come here.

“Ok. Well I’m glad she seemed to have a good time while here and its concerning that she seemed off when she left. I am sorry to have bothered you before breakfast. Have a good day.” He says to us standing up. He bows his head slightly in respect.

“Its fine Detective I do hope you find her safe.” I say as we walk with him to the door.

“Thanks so do I.” He says looking sorrowful. He leaves. It’s been a while since we had dumped the car. If they found it even just recently then I doubt they think she’s alive.

I look up to Malakai and he’s looking a bit concerned. We go to the café and sit in our usual spot. He orders eggs, sausage, bread, and hash browns for us. He gets his usual coffee and I have some lemonade. I know he’s thinking about the Detective being here, it isn’t a good sign that it brought him here. Hopefully he believed that we have no idea what happened to her.

We eat our meal silently. The guests around us are chatting away, enjoying the atmosphere and food. It’s a good breakfast. There’s no one checking in or out today. So, I can take it a bit easier and with it raining out, there’s not much going on outside. It’s going to be a fairly quiet day today. Maybe set up the TV later on and put on a movie in the small theater upstairs.

When I finish my meal, I wipe my mouth and watch Mal eat.

“Can I go sit on the front porch Daddy?” I ask him politely.

“Yes babygirl. I’ll join you when I’m done eating.” He says to me with a slight smile. His face lets me know he’s in deep thought. The detective showing up has definitely put us both on edge. We didn’t even get a chance to discuss how we’re going to handle that one guy. Who knows what he’s even done to that one body and if he’s hurt anyone else?

I know we aren’t going to be productive today with having that one thing happen. It screwed with our day in a way we hadn’t planned on.

We never expected to have a Detective, or officer or any law enforcement body come to our door and ask about someone who had been here. We are always careful with how we dispose of the body or bodies depending on how many we get rid of at a time. I don’t like this at all. I can only imagine what Mal is thinking about this. I know it will most likely be along the same lines as me. But I am definitely not at ease with having him so casually walk into our door and ask us about her.

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