Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 3. Couple One


I put my cup of coffee down on the table in the café as I read the paper. The bustle of the kitchen and the chatter of the guests is quite satisfying. Hailey had her doubts about opening up our home as a B&B and antique hub. As time went on its proved her worries weren’t needed. The kitchen addition, the gift shop and this little café nook to eat in has really taken off for us.

Plus, with how much property we have and the trails most like to come even to just get away from there daily lives. Which I am thankful for. If one needs directions, we easily give it.

What we’ve come to like the most though with starting this little business of ours over the last few years is the hunting ground. With 30 guest rooms we have our pickings of who and how we want to have our fun. We spare most. It’s the few who aren’t grateful for what they have or what’s around them that we take care of.

In our home here it’s easy to see who truly appreciates what we offer them. Those that don’t we have our ways of handling them. Which is why I’m guessing this article is in the paper about a couple who had been murdered.

Titled: Killing Spree or Mercy Killing?

The article goes on about how they both had ties to pornography and a high collared gang. They sold child porn, evaded taxes and even helped rape a couple teenagers. The media and papers are horrified to find this couple so horribly beaten and mutilated before death, but they also aren’t sure if they should thank the killer(s) for getting ride of them.

Well from one of the killers your welcome world.

I should let Hailey know that one outlet of media may be pleased with our work. I fold up the paper after taking another sip of coffee and place it on the table by the café entrance for others to read. I turn the radio on for the guests to listen. As I sit down our new hire walks over with my food.

“Here’s your omelet Sir. Please enjoy.” He says with a smile and a slight bow. I smile back trying to ease his nerves just a bit. He walks to the other tables, checking in on everything. He’s eager to please and has good time management. He can go far if he lets go of his nerves.

I sip the rest of my coffee as I eat my eggs and croissant. I’m trying to eat better for Hailey’s sake. She thinks I’m not eating as well as I should. I do agree I have been eating too much junk. I’m not cutting it out like I told her but I promised to eat better. The radio is playing some nice music this morning which is nice.

“Breaking news. A couple has been found earlier this morning in the wee hours of the morning. They have been brutally murdered to the point that only dental records could identify them. They have been found posed in downtown Cornelia with photos of the crimes they have committed. This injustice will not be acceptable. Even though they committed crimes, whoever murdered this couple will be found…..” The talk host says before I stop listening.

Hmm. I tap my cup as the waiter fills it up again. I don’t like that sound of that. They don’t know who did it of course, but still. They needed to be punished for the crimes they committed and were getting away with. It’s not acceptable that their crimes are being swept under the rug just because they are dead. Unacceptable. Should be interesting to see how it develops.

“That’s crazy that a couple was murdered. I wonder what crimes they committed though?” A female says a few tables over.

“Yeah who knows. But maybe its good that they are dead if their crimes are bad. Maybe it’s a good thing that someone took care of it.” Her female companion says back.

“Maybe dear.” She replies back as they continue to eat. I smile softly. I think they are the couple from room 5. Hailey my love walks in with a lovely summer dress on. Form fitting and then flairs out to her knees. It’s absolutely divine on her. She smiles and waves to the guests who are seated. She chats to some. Such a good hostess.

She walks over and kisses my forehead before sitting down.

“Morning my love did you sleep well?” She asks me with a big smile.

“Yes, my dear I slept amazing thank you. Did you sleep well love? There’s been a murder of a couple that has done some pretty bad things. They have been found downtown in the city. The paper isn’t sure if they want to be thankful or horrified. However, the radio host is absolutely horrified.” I inform her, trying to have the right amount of shock in my voice.

She looks at me with a slight eyebrow raise in shock.

“Oh my that sounds terrifying. I wonder what terrible things they committed to be killed I wonder? Yes, I slept amazing dear.” She replies shocked as well. Her eyes are dancing with the excitement of the kill.

She holds her hand up as the waiter comes, the same one that served me.

“Morning Sam. Can I have 2 sunny side eggs, bacon and a glass of orange juice please.” She asks him as she pouts slightly and looks up at him though her eyelashes making him a bit of a gooey mess. I chuckle slightly as I watch.

He doesn’t respond as he blushes and nods his head. He practically runs to the back to place her order. She looks at me with a smile.

“I think you made his day.” I tell her as I take a sip.

“Yeah I know, got to get some fun in sometimes. I don’t’ know if I should be pleased that I make him so nervous or to keep an eye out. But you’re also sitting right there and my loyalties always lie with you my love. Not going to lie, kind of fun making him react like that.” She tells me as she playfully runs her foot along my leg.

“I know you do and I love watching it just as much.” I tell her as she goes red herself. “I ate no meat with breakfast my dear. It is hard especially with you getting bacon with yours. But I will get my meat later.” I tell her as I grab her foot and place a kiss on her ankle. She giggles as she bites her lip.

It doesn’t take long for him to come back with what she ordered. He stammers out to have a good breakfast before he backs away. She eats her food as we sit back and listen to the guest’s chat. It’s a nice way to start our morning. There aren’t any guests checking in today, so one of the receptionists will take the front desk today. It’s nice that Hailey enjoys taking part and working here as well as managing. Its sexy.

“How would you feel about going on a walk through one of the trails after you eat?” I ask her finishing my coffee. She finishes her mouth full of food as her eyes light up.

“Yes, that will be wonderful dear. We haven’t walked one of the trails for maybe a week.” She says giddy, clapping her hands slightly in excitement. She finishes her food and smiles as she places her head on her hand on the table. She is so gorgeous. I am the luckiest man alive.

I hold my hand out for her and she takes it. One of the bus boys cleans up our table right away for the next guest who may want to sit there. It has been a bit since we’ve taken a walk out into the forest trail. I bet I know exactly where she wants to go. She loops our arms together and playfully runs her hand down the front of my pants.

Such a naughty girl. I enjoy it.

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