Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 34. Jumbled


His alarm goes off. I stretch. I know we could use more sleep but we have something we need to do first. I smile as I feel the slight soreness in my legs. That is something I enjoy very much. Malakai turns off his alarm as he stretches beside me. He kisses my forehead.

“You ready to do a little digging?” He asks me huskily.

“Yes, I am Daddy. Let’s get ready and do this before it gets light out.” I say to him. We get out of bed and quickly get dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

He grabs the evidence as I grab the keys to the car. The evidence goes into the glove compartment and then we go to the shed. We grab the shovel and head out. We dig up the closest one first, the electrocutioner. We also dig up the bags that are hidden as well. Once we got him out and the hole filled in, we drag him closer to the shed. Leaving him in the underbrush as we go to the other body. We dig it up and carry the pieces to the tarp with the other guy.

The body parts mixing together. Even though one’s a male and the other a female they still just look like they are in various stages of being decomposed. Hopefully that helps hide who they are partially. If not, at least it will hinder slightly. We fill in the other hole and return the shovel to its place. Malakai drives into town, to a different part of town where none of the bodies have been found before.

It’s fairly secluded here. We get out and dump the bodies. The evidence is placed under the parts. We put all the luggage and belongings around as well. To show that it’s there fault as well for what happened. Once all is done, we drive home. Hopefully it will be a while before either crime scene is found. Both are in secluded areas, so that should aid us in our disposal of them.

It’s a quiet drive back. Mal takes the tarp to the basement when we get inside. That way no one will ask why its in the trunk of the car. We rinse off again after our little adventure. Nice cool water rinsing off our troubles. I lean against Mal as I turn the shower off. He dries me off before we go back to bed. We lay down and fall asleep. It’s been a very tiresome 12 hours.

When we wake up the birds are chirping outside. A happy song to wake up to in my opinion. My body aches slightly from the work we did. Worth the pain. My favorite ache is the one in my thighs from him. I kiss him as he stirs. I roll him onto his back and lay on him. Love how warm he is when he sleeps. My own little heater when I get cold. I nuzzle my head into his shoulder as I feel his boner poking me.

I kiss him and sit on his boner. We didn’t dress this morning so I can easily get him inside of me. I rock on him and he smiles wide. He looks up at me and pulls on my nipples. I smile and rock harder on him. He sighs as I move. I place my hands on his chest and I bounce hard on him, feeling every single inch of him inside of me. We both moans enjoying the others body.

I love him inside me he feels so damn good. He spanks my ass as I bounce harder on him. I feel the tickle as I move on him and I orgasm easily. I ride it out, moaning as I go. I bounce hard on him and he moves up into me each time causing out bodies to smack together in such a wonderful way. I scratch his chest as I orgasm again on him. I lean down and kiss his lips softly. He wraps his arms around me and slams himself up into me, making me moan so loud.

I can’t help the moans as he pounds into me. Every inch deep and fast in my body. Oh, I can feel how sore I am from last nights pounding. I moan more, enjoying him as my body molds to him again. I bite his shoulder and he pulls me into his body as he slams up into mine. We both moan at how fast he goes. I can feel his cock start to swell inside of me. I orgasm as he explodes his seed deep inside of me. We moan and breath heavily as he holds me close.

I rest my head on his chest as I feel his seed explode into me. Pulse after pulse of his seed. I smile and enjoy as I take it all in.

“Now that’s one way to start our day love.” He says to me, kissing my neck.

“Oh, I know. Its always fun to start it off with a bang.” I giggle to him. I lay beside him as his seed trickles down my leg. He smiles and licks the sperm that left me. He looks up at me as he continues his tongue up my thigh and eats me out. I sigh softly as he cleans me out. I love how his tongue makes me feel.

He kisses along my thigh and stomach before laying beside me again.

“You taste wonderful love.” He says to me with a smile.

“So, do you love. I love how your tongue feels on me.” I say with a smile. He kisses my cheek as he rolls out of bed. Into the closet he goes, picking out clothing for us to wear. He places a thong, skirt and tank top on the bed for me. Cute. I put it on as he gets dressed himself. When ready I loop my arm around his and we head down to eat. I’m glad I’m holding onto him, I am a bit weak in the knees.

We have our breakfast. I notice a man watching one of the single women in the café. As I finish eating, I see he follows her out of the café. I smile to Mal as I head out. I go to the front desk and watch him follow her to the library nook. She doesn’t seem to notice. As she goes down the hall to her room, he follows behind her. I fix up some brochures as I casually keep an eye out. Her room is at the end of the hall and he takes note of it as he walks back.

I notice him follow a few other single women to their rooms and take notes of there’s as well. The one woman went out to do something. The man hovered around a bit. Noticing she won’t be back and goes to her room. He opens it up and goes in. It doesn’t take long before he comes out, holding a pair of her underwear and walks away. Another of those women go about her business. The man does the same thing to her and every other woman he had been watching.

It looks like we have a stalker who likes to steal woman’s underwear. Why didn’t we notice him earlier? Either way I picked up onto it now. It’s better late then never, I guess. Unless it’s murder then that isn’t a good saying.

I find Malakai sitting in the back, enjoying the sun on his face. I place a hand on his shoulder as I lean down to kiss the top of his head.

“Hey love, how is it going inside?” He asks me as I sit on his lap.

“Oh, you know a little of this and a little of that. All the normal things dear. I found a stalker in our home and he’s been stealing underwear from the single women’s rooms.” I inform him quietly. Others are enjoying playing with a frisbee near by.

“Oh, really now. Seems fairly harmless, but as we know it will lead to bigger and worse problems later on.” He tells me. I know that all to well. As we witnessed with the one who electrocuted a bird and then two women. Others who we took care of I’m sure had other deviances that started out with animals as well.

“I know dear. Any plans on how you’d like to handle it?” I ask him casually.

“Take him to the forest, and kill him. Don’t want to take too much time with him, he isn’t worth the effort.” Malakai says with a smile.

“Sounds fine to me. Any time will be good to get him then.” I say. He nods and I kiss his head again. “Make sure your drinking enough water dear if your going to sit in the sun like this. I don’t want you getting sick or heat stroke.”

“Yes dear, as you wish.” He says with a sweet smile.

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