Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 35. Losing Game


Hailey’s been keeping an eye on the stalker and underwear thief all day. Keeping an eye out to see what else he may be up too. Haven’t heard anything else. So, I’m guessing the perv is doing what he does best. I kiss Hailey’s cheek. She hasn’t said anything else about the guy so I’m guessing he either finished what he had planned, or has no idea what else he wants.

Hailey smiles politely as a man walks up to us. I fix up a few things around the desk as she checks the man out. He seems a bit unsettled by something, real fidgety. He pays and walks to the door. Hailey points to him, indicating that he’s the perv who stole the panties off the women. I follow him as he leaves the place.

I grab his arm and lead him towards the forest so we can chat. It doesn’t take long before I see Hailey walk out the front door. A taxi drives up to the house. The man I’m walking with tries to go to the taxi.

“Stop fighting me and you can leave later on.” I tell him as we keep walking. We get into the forest. I look back and Hailey talks to the taxi driver. I take him farther into the forest. Hailey catches up to us, walking on my right. We get far enough in and I push him against a tree. He drops his suitcase and cowers.

“Why did you take me into here, I didn’t do anything wrong?” He says scared of us.

Hailey opens the suitcase and he tries to dive for it but I push him back against the tree. Hailey opens it and finds what I’m guessing she would find.

“This is why.” Hailey says holding up the women’s underwear he has stashed in it. The guys eyes flash everywhere nervously.

“Its not a crime to have women’s underwear.” He says trying to defend himself.

“True, but it is a crime to take it off the woman at our inn.” Hailey says looking at him with a straight face. She shakes her head disapprovingly at him.

“But they gave me them. I didn’t steal they gave it to me.” He says twitching slightly.

“I watched you wait until they left their room to sneak in and take it without there permission.” Hailey tells him again stepping closer to him. He cowers from her, even though she’s smaller than he is. Seems like he’s been abused by a female figure for him to cower like that.

“Fine I had to sneak in to take them. It helps me imagine them when I play. I imagine them.” He says shame in his voice. Well this guy is a loser and petty criminal. Quick death will suffice.

Hailey steps way from him and looks at me. She kisses my cheek and heads out of the forest. She’ll be back, I know it. The guy looks at the ground, his suitcase emptied of the female underwear. I’m guessing Hailey took it with her for the woman to claim again. Hopefully they aren’t to mortified that they were taken in the first place.

“You should have known better mister. It’s never all right to steal what isn’t yours, no matter what the urge is that you have.” I tell him. He looks up at me submissively. The poor fool has been beaten into submission.

“I know.” He sighs softly.

I step forward. He doesn’t shrink from me this time. I place a hand on his shoulder. He looks up a bit confused. I grab his chin and break his neck in one swift movement. He wouldn’t have felt a thing. His body slumps to the ground as I bend over to close his suitcase. I pick up the suitcase and drag him through the brush. I leave him in the bushes with his suitcase as I emerge from forest.

Hailey meets me at the edge of the forest. She kisses my cheek as we head back home.

“I put the underwear in the lost and found bin. I don’t know for sure if the woman will come and ask for them, but at least they are there.” Hailey informs me.

“Well that’s something at least. I know it’s embarrassing for them that it happened but we can at least tell them we caught the guy and handled it.” I say as we sit on the porch swing. She leans against my side as I hold her close.

“I guess. I’m glad we are helping the world. Our business is helping our business.” She says with a smile.

“It is I agree.” I say back. Hailey must have opened the door on her way back to me. I can hear the soft chatter of the guests in the café. People are having a good meal.

“I’m hungry, what about you dear?” She asks me.

“I could eat.” I say to her. We go inside and sit at our table. We order baked beans with little sausages and bacon bits in it, rolls and some corn. It will be good. I get a vanilla milkshake to share with Hailey. She smiles as I order that for us. It gets placed as others order there food as well.

“Breaking news. City is on high alert after 6 bodies found around town. 4 in the northern end and 2 that had been dismembered in the eastern corner. No one knows what happened to these poor people. 4 of the 6 seem to have committed crimes. 2 were just there, looks like they might have been killed by one of the other victims. Hard to say what exactly is going on in this town, but it looks like the killers are at large again. Keep an eye out and please stay safe. We’ll have more answers soon enough for you fine folks out there. Be safe.”

The radio host announces. Well they got spotted faster then I though they would. Will be interesting to put our new find in town. We will get it done though, none the less. I’m sure they will be too busy trying to figure out what happened with this new lot that they found. If we happen to find any other’s we have many places to hide them if need be.

Murmurs erupt about the broadcast and most are uneasy about it. Especially since so many were found in two different areas of town. Hopefully they think that its more then one person doing it. If they connect them to the others because of the criminal notes attached to them, then it should be interesting what they think. We don’t let it phase us as our food is brought over. We eat as others only nibble their food. This time it does seem that everyone’s concerned.

Hopefully it doesn’t get to them too much. We don’t want anyone to be nervous. The bodies are found in town not out here. They should feel safe. Sadly, this is what media outlets do. They cause fear and panic so that people will hide away or think they are in danger when they aren’t. If that’s what they want to do we can’t stop it. We can only stop the scum when we find it. Otherwise we will just live like we normally would.

We just have the one body to dispose of now and then we are home free for a while. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment. Eat, sleep and have sex. Will be a very pleasant way to live for a while. Plus run this business of ours. It will be fun. The day progresses until night. Everyone went their separate ways. To their rooms or homes.

An uneasy atmosphere has spread over the house as people worry about what has happened in town. They don’t realise that they are safe. It’s in town that has the issue, where the bodies have been found. Not here they don’t need to worry about anything at all. But we can’t help them see that sadly.

I have the keys in my pocket. We get into the car, load the guy into the trunk and drive into town. We take mostly back roads tot get there. We pull up to a winding driveway. It looks well worn with travel. We take the dead man out of the trunk, place him partially under a tree and put his suitcase near by. This way hopefully the authorities get a lead out this way.

Should be interesting to see if it works or not. I take my time driving us home. Enjoying the night. I love having the property we do, there’s not so many lights out and we can actually see the stars and enjoy their magnificence.

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