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Chapter 43. Jubilant


She looks at me worried. She has no reason to be but I’m guessing my expression isn’t helping. I put the phone on my table and sit beside her. I love that my cum is coming out of her right now as the vibrator hasn’t been taken out. I place a hand on her and take the anal vibrator out of her, turning it off as I go wash it off before putting it away. I sit beside her again and kiss her cheek.

“What’s going on love?” She asks me, worry in her voice.

“That was the walk-in clinic. They have the results and want us to go in.” I inform her. She furrows her eyebrows, confused.

“Why do they want us to go in, couldn’t they have just told you the results?” She asks curious as to why they didn’t just explain over the phone.

“They wouldn’t say. They said we should come in so they can give us the results.” I tell her. She sighs and nods her head. She tilts her head to he sighs as she rolls her eyes. “I know, I know. Not exactly what you want to be doing today but at least we can find out why you were sick. It can give us the answers babygirl.”

She just rolls her eyes again as she makes a face, like the brat she is. I love her so much. She gets up and we both get dressed. I know she wanted to stay naked for most of the day. But sometimes that isn’t always an option. We make our way downstairs once we are dressed. Once we get into the car, I drive us to the walk-in clinic.

It isn’t a far drive thankfully. We park and head inside. There are a few people waiting as they sit amongst the various chairs. We go to the receptionist.

“We got a call not long ago about the results of my blood tests.” Hailey tells her as she got her health card out.

“Alright miss please have a seat you will be called in shortly.” She tells us gesturing for the chairs. We sit up front since no one else is in this row. Plus, every other row everyone seems to take the middle seat so couples can’t sit together. Which is quite rude of them to do, they could easily move to the wall or the aisle seat.

A couple people walk out, going where it is they need to since finishing with the doctor. One person was called up and went into a room. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long, I don’t want to spend too much time here. I can only imagine Hailey wants to be here even less then I do, especially today. She takes my hand in hers. I can smell her scent mixed with mine. I love it. I lift up her hand and kiss the back of her hand.

“I know this isn’t where you want to be on your birthday dear. But we’ll get home and continue your day when this is over. I promise.” I tell her. I place some of her short hair behind her ear. I kiss her cheek. She smiles softly to me.

“I know dear. It’s all right dear, its better to get it out of the way though.” She says softly. I nod. We get called up and lead to one of the rooms. After shutting the door, we just sit here waiting. I can hear the doctor in one of the rooms close by. Will be good to know what caused her to be unwell. She’s been better now and hasn’t been sick since.

The doctor finishes up with the person he’s with in the other room. There’s a knock on our door and he comes in. Our file in hand as he glances through finding what he needs as he goes to his seat. He sits down.

“We have the results of the blood testing you did a few weeks ago. Sorry it took so long to get them back.” He tells us apologetically. He smiles to us warmly before looking over the results.

“It’s alright. With so many others getting tested its understandable that results can take time.” I say. He has no reason to be sorry.

“Well there’s two things here. Her iron is on the border of being low. That’s why she was tired, weak and pale looking. It may be stress related or intake of iron isn’t adequate at times. An iron supplement can help with that. It can be found in many drug stores and some grocery stores, so it’s easy to find. The other interesting thing in the blood is that your pregnant. Congratulations. With knowing this it could be a reason why she’s been throwing up and unwell. Now you will need to get in touch with an Obstetrician. I hope you both have a lovely day.” He says with a smile.

We both get up and leave the office. Pregnant. We get into the car and just sit there. No wonder she’s been feeling unwell and throwing up at times. It makes sense now. Plus, she’s been eating a lot more as well. I just thought she was getting into a routine again of eating three meals. I close my eyes and smile as I rest my head against my seat.

“I’m pregnant Daddy.” She whispers. I look over to her and she’s smiling softly.

“Yes, you are kitten. How are you feeling? Is this something you want?” I ask her with my own smile. He looks at me her eyes brimming with tears as her smile widens.

“I am feeling good. I can’t believe all this time with what’s been going on that I’ve just been pregnant. With your child Daddy. I’m going to be a mom. Are you going to be all right? I want children.” She tells me, scared that I might not be ready. I can see she’s afraid I might not want the child.

“Babygirl. I’m thrilled. I want them just as much as you. I can’t wait to see them.” I tell her. She beams with joy as she leans over and pulls me into a kiss. After we kiss, we buckle up and drive home. I’m going to be a father. I can’t believe we’re going to be parents. The next generation is being made. To mold to build a better tomorrow.

It’s going to be hard being new parents and run our business. But we will handle it and take every day as it comes. Our child will have a good life. We park and sit in the car for a few minutes. I can feel her nerves seeping out. She’s so happy and nervous. I can understand. We’ll have to make an appointment with an obstetrician so we can see how the little one grows and make sure is healthy.

“I’ll make the call dear. I can’t wait to find out how far along I am. This will be a hard and joyful ride. I can’t wait.” She says with a big smile and a giggle.

“I can’t wait either love. Make the call and we can go back to celebrating your birthday the way we want.” I tell her. She blushes and bites her lip. She nods as we get out of the car. She heads right upstairs, with her phone in hand. Hopefully we get an appointment with the baby doctor soon so we can find out how far along she is.

I can’t wait to start this journey with her. It will be worth it. One day we can even hopefully hand over our home and B&B to the little one. Hopefully. If not then that’s all right. We will support him or her no matter the job they may want. I make my way upstairs, hoping I gave her enough time to make the call. As much fun as it is to interrupt her call I rather it gets done now then us forgetting about it.

She’s sitting on the edge of the bed holding one of the controllers naked. Should have known she was going to get naked again once we got home. She smiles wide when I come into the room. She holds out the other controller, wanting to play another game. This day has gotten better and better. One thing was unplanned but still made it good.

“I made the call love. She patched me through to a colleague on her floor and I made the appointment for tomorrow. I also called the walk-in clinic to forward the test results to her so she has them.” She tells me with big bright eyes.

“Good thinking love. We are going to be such good parents. We will spoil our child with love.” I tell her placing a hand on her stomach. Our little one is growing as we speak.

“Yes, I agree.” She smiles, placing her hands onto my face. As I kiss her back, she helps me undo my clothes to take them off. She giggles as I get the rest of my clothing off and sit with her. She turns on Mario Party for us to play. She lays on her stomach to play. She giggles softly enjoying me kiss her back. She hums with pleasure.

We roll to see who goes first. She gets to go first, me second and the computers follow suit. I sit behind her, giving her a nice spank. She lifts up her nice firm ass, asking for it to be spanked again and I oblige. I rub my hard cock along her as she rolls and her character moves. I slip into her easily. I roll and my character goes in the game as well. I thrust into her, enjoying her soft hums as we wait for the others to go as well. I spank her again.

She sighs. I love when she does that. I slowly pulse in her as we play the minigame. This is how we play this round. I pound into her making her scream again as we get closer to the final turn. She screams louder as I spank her again. I put the controller down and grip her hips. She grips the bed as I pound her. I moan as she orgasms around my cock. I love the way she feels as she shakes and shivers on me. Oh, how I enjoy making her orgasm. She screams more as I thrust deep into her multiple times, feeling me swell in her.

I pound deep and stop as I cum inside her body again. We both moan as our bodies explode. I fill her up as I moan with my seed spilling into her. I shiver slightly and breath hard. I pick up my controller again and we finish the game. This time she won and we turned off the game. I pull out of her and my seed trickles down her leg. She looks back at me with a big grin. I call down for dinner to be brought up to us. I sit down, leaning against the back of the bed. She turns around and sits next to me, cuddling close.

“Thank you for today. I very much enjoyed the day. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.” She tells me truly happy about our day.

“You’re very welcome love. I enjoyed it as well.” I tell her back, kissing her head. Our rood arrives shortly. I had her favorite made. Gyros. She got a plate with a few on it. I know how much she enjoys it so I made sure they made her enough. She devours it, thoroughly enjoying it. I’m sure she’d eat even more if I let her. But I know she’ll get sick if she eats too much at once. She can always have more later on if she gets hungry. She kisses my cheek when she finishes.

“Thank you so much love. I love you so much.” She says deeply happy. I can feel her love.

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