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Chapter 44. Nocternal


I wake up with a big smile on my face. Yesterday was such an amazing day. He put so much effort in to make it special for me. My favorite meal for dinner, getting me that system and sex multiple times. It was so nice. To top it off we found out that I’m pregnant. My heart swells as I think about the life growing inside of me. I can’t believe I’m going to be a mother. Not only that, I get to be the mother of Malakai’s child.

I’m honoured to carry his child inside of me. I love him and enjoy him physically and emotionally. We have always connected in a way that many might not understand. But this child, this special child that’s growing in me, is going to be so loved. I know when I asked him about having children before he was on the fence, but finding out that I’m pregnant he seems overjoyed as well. I’m glad he’s happy about it.

Today is my appointment with the OB. Getting our first check up for the baby. I can’t wait to see how far along I am. I can’t wait. Now I really have to make sure I’m eating well. I will still work and do what I need to around here as well. I’m not going to stop just because I’m pregnant. Once I start getting bigger though I won’t be able to help as much with our other business that we do. I will miss it but I know Mal will still handle that.

I stretch. The moment I do Daddy starts to stir behind me. He brushes his lips against my neck as he holds me close. He traces my stomach where our child is growing. He nuzzles his face at the bottom of my neck, sighing contently.

“Morning Daddy.” I softly say to him. I smile as he opens his hand and places it on my stomach.

“Morning kitten. Did you sleep well?” He asks me softly back.

“Yes I did love, thank you. You helped me sleep very well last night.” I say with a soft giggle. Had a magical day and I loved every moment.

“I’m glad you did. We had a great day together. Let’s get ready for that appointment today. I want you to have a good breakfast before we go.” He says with a light kiss on my ear.

“Yes Daddy of course.” I tell him. We get ready for the day. Bathroom stuff and getting dressed. I put on a knee length loose skirt and a t-shirt today. It’s simple and comfortable. Something that will help on this warm August day. We go down to the café. It’s still early I guess, so there aren’t many people in here to eat just yet. We sit in our usual spot.

Sam our trusty waiter comes to take our order.

“I’ll have scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, and bacon in it please. I’d also like 2 hash browns, a small bowl of grapes, sausages and water to drink.” I say to Sam with a big smile. He writes it down and smile up to me when he finished writing it.

“I’ll have a breakfast sandwich. Sausage, egg and tomato on it please. I’d also like hash browns on the side. Make the bowl of grapes a bit bigger we’re going to share it. Thank you, Sam.” Malakai says to him as he writes it down as well.

He places our order to the kitchen. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just Ivan and one other person back there at the moment. The slight clatter of the kitchen is nice. They only have our order at the moment so it’s interesting to hear what they’re doing for it. Sam goes around the café and makes sure the other tables are ready for the guests when they come down.

A ding of a bell goes off and Sam goes to the window to the kitchen. He picks up our food and brings it over to us with a friendly smile. He nods and goes back to his job. He does have a cute butt. We eat our food in silence. We share the grapes when we’re done eating the rest of our food. The guests start to filter in slowly for there first meal of the day.

We head out for my appointment. We drive into town, park at the building our doctor is in. We make our way upstairs. My heart races slightly and I have butterflies in my stomach. Why am I nervous to find out how far along I am or to find out how our baby is doing. Malakai squeezes my hand reassuringly. I smile up to him as I show my health card for to the receptionist.

After they know I’m here for the appointment, we take a seat until we are called in. Mal squeezes my hand again, rubbing his thumb across the back of my hand. He could be just as nervous as I am. It will be so nice to know about our child. It doesn’t take long before the receptionist comes out to bring us to the room.

Once in the room Mal sits in the chair as I hop up onto the exam table. The paper crinkles under me as we wait for the OB to come in. The knock on the door and it opening show us we didn’t have to wait long for her.

“Morning. So, I heard the good news. How can I help?” She asks this morning.

“Thank you. This is the first check-up. Want to find out how far along I am and possibly see the baby if we could.” I say to her. She looks at my chart and the blood work that the walk-in gave her.

“We can do that. By the look of it your 8 weeks along. Surprised the other doctor didn’t tell you that. Lay back for me please and we can get a look at your child. The gel will be a little cold.” She says as I lay back. She gets the gel out and puts it on my lower stomach. She pulls the machine closer and gets the wand out.

She places it on my lower stomach, slowly moving it around. I can see the slight movement in there as she moves the wand around. Malakai holds my hand watching the screen as well. Noticing the slight waves on it as well.

“Here are your children. I know it’s small now but it’s right there.” She points out the little ones that are in me. Tears rim my eyes seeing our child in me. Even so small I love it. “I’d like to see you again in a few weeks. Make sure everything’s on track.” She says taking the wand off me.

“Did you say children? How many?” I ask her confused.

“There are two. Here and here.” She says pointing to the screen again at the two heads. She hands me the photo of the children. “There’s some prenatal vitamins up front. Make the appointment, I want to make sure they are growing on track alright.” She says.

“Yes of course.” I tell her looking at the photo of our children. She hands me some tissues to wipe the gel off. I walk out of the office in a slight daze. Twins. I’m having his twins. I go to the reception and make an appointment for a month from now. I take the appointment card, place it in my wallet and we head out of the office. Going to our car and home is a blur to me. I can’t believe our luck. I’m having twins.

We get home and inside. The rest of the day goes in a blur. I can’t explain it I just made it through the day in a haze of shock and joy. Everything around me just faded into the back ground. Checked people in and out. Ate when I was hungry and just did what I have to for our work. I can’t stop smiling. The children are growing in me. It will be hard to raise them, but we will get through it.

Malakai, I know is shocked as well. He’s going to be a great father to them. After our day I lay in bed. He strokes my hair as he talks to the babies. I can’t even focus on his words as I lay here, enjoying his hand in my hair. He continues to talk to the babies as he caresses my stomach. After a while Mal just fell asleep on his side with his hand still on my stomach. I blink. When did it get dark out?

I can’t even sleep right now. Two children. No matter how hard I thought one would be, I know two will be harder. I am ready to be a parent, it’s something I know that I was missing. I just want to be the best for them. I know I will make mistakes; I just don’t want to screw them up. Every parent makes mistakes, I know. I just want them to be happy and healthy.

I take a deep breath. Stop worrying you’re going to do a good job. You go this. You have months to prepare. You can do this. I know I should be sleeping but I don’t think I can. Maybe a little pool time could help. I put on a swim suit and head downstairs. I open the back door and head out. I put my feet into the water first, enjoying the cool feel of it.

I take the plunge and go under. The water feels nice. I lay on my back and look up at the night sky. The stars are bright tonight. Magical, dark, and eternal. My head tingles as I float around the pool. I hum softly, enjoying the water around me. The sound of the water beneath me is soothing. A deep hum echoes through the pool. This is very soothing. I look over and Mal is sitting on the edge of the pool. I smile to him and he lets me relax.

I float over to him and stand up. He kisses my cheek so I don’t soak him.

“Sorry I can’t sleep. I’ve been in a daze all day.” I tell him, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“It’s alright. What we heard earlier is a lot of news. Don’t ever feel sorry for getting in a bit of a mood like that ok. I know you couldn’t sleep I felt you get out of bed. I knew you’d come here to try and relax.” He says placing a hand on my cheek.

“Yeah I know. It really is big news. Twins Mal. Wasn’t expecting that. Its just going to take time to sink in I guess.” I tell him with a shy smile.

“I know. We’ll do well ok. We have time to prepare for our children to arrive. Now it’s the middle of the night kitten. We should rest, we did get up earlier then normal today.” He says getting up and drying off his legs.

“Yes Daddy.” I say as I get out of the pool. He hands me the towel to dry off. Once I’m dried off to the best of my ability, we head back inside.

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