Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 46. Media Coverage


It’s been a few days since we dropped the 6 bodies in town. Just as we predicted radio, news, and the papers are all covering the story. Killers at large again. Bones to pick with these 6. Where are they at now? How are they hiding the bodies without the smell causing a disturbance? How are they hiding there kills from everyone else? Sickos, murderers, and down right awful human beings are some of the things that are floating around.

All outlets are wondering where on earth we the killers of all these dead are holed up. No one can figure it out. Every time a body surfaces the trail goes cold. No leads and no way to figure it out. Its thrilling to know they have no idea how we are pulling it off and keeping it from others. Though they don’t know the things we know.

If they knew we would have been caught a long time ago. We’ve got the space to enjoy or time with these scums. Teaching them the lessons they need to know before there death. To bury them on property where no one else will find them, until we want them found. Its fun to know that everyone is stumped about it. Malakai has been giddy the least few days as the media floats around ideas of how we’re getting away with it.

The guests are a bit put off by it and are scared to go into town. They think the killers are going to get them. But nothing wrong with that, they’re spending more time here and buying things from the gift shop. So, it’s good for our business. We offer things the guests can do around the property. Like the trails or games in the backyard. The pool, or theater inside. Some do crafts which is nice, others read, or swim or enjoy getting a tan.

Of course, as the media covers not just the recent pile of bones found, but they bring up the others as well. No closer to us. This last one though is different. Even though the note is like the rest, some are speculating that this one feels like a cult or Satanists are doing something freaky. Some are worried that Satanists are trying to summon the devil or an apocalypse. Not that it’s going to happen. I’m enjoying the fact that they can’t figure out what this last one is trying to say.

Just like the rest. That they need to not let scum and killers be free. Of course, no one else is seeing it as that anymore. They are saying that no matter what their crime was that we are worse for getting rid of them. Which makes no sense to me. Why is it ok to let arsonists, child killers, murderers and rapists free? How does us getting rid of these people worse than those crimes? Most of the time from what I’ve seen they get light sentences or the case is lost.

I guess it doesn’t matter though since we are doing the right thing. If they can’t see that then its not our fault. We put their crimes with them so the world knows what evil is. Oh well, if they think we’re the evil ones then that’s on them. We’re doing good in the world for getting rid of the actual evil that’s there.

Malakai thinks the media is purposely trying to make “the killers” out as bad guys because they want everyone to fear. Its silly they should be saying how we’re taking the scum of the world out and that everyone should be happy about it. That’s how they want to work fine, our children will learn that being a killer isn’t alright. They will learn what we are doing isn’t wrong. That we are helping the world, like doctors help sick people and chefs help feed people.

They will hopefully carry on doing good in this world, with whatever they choose. We will support them. The staff will support them too as they grow. It will be interesting to see how everyone handles having two children around all the time. Well when they are able to run around that is, it will be a while before they can do that.

They’ll do wonders in the world I’m sure. We will have to step back at some point when we can’t do it anymore. It’s been an interesting day with all the guests here, and hearing everywhere about the bodies.

All we can do is smile and nod as people ask us questions about it or about our property. We do what we can. We want the business here to grow and have everyone enjoy their time. I think we have been doing a wonderful job. Everyone’s enjoying the food, the chocolates or mints on there pillows, the atmosphere and the activities we try to have going on for all ages.

Some people leave comment cards in their rooms before they leave as well. It’s nice to read what they have to say. Always positive I find. Food is always great, such a nice variety, the staff are super helpful and get the food out in time. No one’s overly in your face but helpful when needed. The property is wonderful, maintained just right. Its always wonderful to read. Sometimes if a single person rooms here they even leave a comment about how they enjoyed either me or my husband around. Watching us do whatever it is we are doing.

There’s been only a handful who have left their numbers for us to call for a good time. Its quite hilarious when they leave their numbers. Do they really think we are going to call them up and want to hook up? It’s always interesting to see. I guess they don’t know that we are together. No skin off our backs. We just file them away with the other comment cards.

We’ve spent the last few days lounging by the pool. That is when we aren’t eating or sleeping. Which have become very important now that I am growing people. Malakai and I got more characters unlocked in Super Smash brothers. It takes a bit sometimes but we are getting there. Its fun beating him in the game. Some he’s better at and some are just luck.

My next appointment for the OB is coming up. It will be nice to see our children again. To see them grow slightly. Maybe we can ask about their genders when we go there.

“Hey sweetie, do you want to know what their genders will be?” I ask him quietly. We still haven’t told anyone yet about the pregnancy. Not sure when or how we will break it to the staff.

“I would like to know kitten. What do you think? Shall we ask or wait?” He asks he curiously.

“I’d like to know love. So, when we go to the appointment we will ask and find out. It will be fun, then we can start figuring out names for them.” I say with a big smile. I can’t wait to start picking out a name for our little ones.

“That will be fine dear. We can figure out names soon enough. We have time.” He says with a twinkle in his eye. He might have picked out some already, but I can’t be sure.

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