Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 48. Travel Plans


We sit at our normal table with his laptop between us and our calendar beside it. Our anniversary is on a Wednesday this year. So, we’d want to be there for a week. Be there from the Sunday to the Saturday. Leave on a Saturday because it will take just under a day roughly to get to Sydney, Australia. It’s going to be so much fun. Swimming in the reefs, with dolphin’s and the fish. As well as walk through nature will be spectacular as well.

Do a little shopping as well and enjoy our room. It will be a lot of fun. Our 6th year anniversary spent in a tropical island. Maybe if I’m lucky go to a nude beach. Even if I will have a slight baby bump. It will still be enjoyable. Show off my curves and enjoy my husband on our vacation.

Malakai books the hotel in Sydney for that week. A nice place that has a pool, a nice balcony for us and a pool inside. Even though we’ll spend time swimming in the ocean hopefully. It will be so much fun. Not worrying about our home and B&B for a week. Just to have time alone together and enjoy the sun and beach.

Maybe if we’re lucky stumble upon some who are worthy of us to get rid of because of there criminality. So, here’s to hoping to criminals popping up on vacation. If not, we will still have a wonderful time together. Ok so we have where we are going to vacation and our hotel booked. Just got to get the flight booked now. Malakai brings up the site on his computer. Put in 2 adult tickets for the dates we want.

A round trip and once that’s up he pays, putting in that we’ll pick up the tickets when we get to the airport. It’s going to be something special that’s for sure. We can inform the staff in a couple day’s that we’re going to be away for a week and to keep working as if we are still here. This is still a place of business and has guests that enjoy coming here. We need this time away for just us.

Soon enough it won’t be just the two of us anymore. So, this will be a good time to get away before I can’t travel anymore. Everything’s been booked now. Tickets and hotel. We’ll get everything else ready close to the time that we need it. That way we don’t forget something important or misplace anything either.

We put in the calendar the dates we are going to be away. That way we can see when we leave so we can pack in in a timely manner, when necessary. Or two days before which is most likely going to happen.

“With getting that out of the way and set, I’ll put this away. Can you order us some food please love?” Malakai asks, shutting his computer and the calendar. He puts the calendar on his computer as he stands up.

“Of course, I will. Hang the calendar up somewhere we can see so we remember when we set our vacation time.” I say with a smirk. He kisses the top of my head.

“Yes of course dear I wouldn’t think otherwise.” He says smiling. He leaves the café to put them back upstairs.

Sam walks over to me with a big smile on his face. He still blushes every time he comes to talk to me. It’s cute. He takes out his notepad. He casually gets the hair out of his eyes as he got the pen out of his pocket.

“What can I get for you Ma’am.” Sam asks me shyly. I’d have thought with having sex with me that he would have gotten over his shyness. But I guess with him it won’t go away that easily.

“Can I get a chicken breast burger, with fries. Malakai will like a normal burger with fries. We’ll share a ceaser salad. I’ll have a strawberry milkshake to drink and coffee for Malakai. Please and thank you Sam.” I order for us. Sam writes it down as I talk.

“It will be out shortly for you Ma’am.” He says quietly. He goes off and places our food order.

Malakai comes back as other guests start to trickle in for lunch themselves. I’m glad we got the trip planned before too many people came in and distracted us from focusing properly on this. Our food doesn’t take long and Malakai is pleased with what I ordered for us both. I’m glad he likes it. I think he might be more pleased that I chose chicken instead of the normal burger like him and that I ordered a salad for us as well.

When we are on vacation I’m going to eat as healthy as I can but still will enjoy myself. I know he will enjoy himself just as much as I will. Surf, sun and beach. Will be so much fun. Can’t wait to get away for a little while. The killings will get even colder here and pop up over there if we’re lucky. Can’t get caught if you’re only a tourist.

Or so I hope anyways. If the bodies drift away at sea, no one will even know what happened. It will be a win-win hopefully. I finish my food savouring the last bites as I get some of the salad onto my plate. Yum croutons and bacon bites. This was always my favourite salad, even if I don’t order it often.

Maybe find something that we can hang or put around our home here. Or find something we can maybe sell in our gift shop. Who knows what we will find or what might happen while we are away? It is full of mystery and excitement. Malakai finishes what’s left of the salad. He takes a few sips of my milkshake.

I don’t mind because I’m full and don’t want it to go to waste. I take another sip of it before Malakai finishes it for me. I smile to him. He smiles back to me and holds my hand in his. He kisses the back of my hand. I am so lucky; how did I manage to get this man. He is so sweet to me. A full week, no distractions, just him and me away from here.

Nothing to bother us. We are going to enjoy this so much.

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