Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 49. Keen


The day has been uneventful, no cops showing up, no injuries and no sickness. All good signs. No one had checked in or out today, some people are slowly venturing into town now that the media has calmed down about the murders that happened. Though it wasn’t murders since the bodies were bones. But semantics, I guess.

With the guests done eating for the night and us leaving for our trip in a week we need to let the staff know. Is a week enough time for them, I’m hoping so? It’s the only thing we really need to do so they can handle it. Hailey is also starting to show with her pregnancy now as well. She’s roughly 4 months pregnant now.

Even if it’s only a small bump, it’s still there. She is glowing every single day of her pregnancy and I love it. She’s absolutely radiant. We stand on the steps to the second floor waiting for everyone to gather around the front desk so we can inform them of what is going on. The last few people arrive in the front area. It’s a lot of people for one space, but we shouldn’t take a lot of there time before they leave.

“Alright everyone. We’ve gathered you here to inform you that we are leaving in a week for a 1-week vacation. It’s for our anniversary on October 31. Business will run like normal. While we are away Celeste and Amara are going to be in charge. The only reason we should be contacted is if our home and business is burning to the ground. Otherwise they should be able to handle any issues that may arise. Also, we have some big news. I know you’ve all been curious and have noticed a glow about Hailey. Well we are proud to announce that she is 16 weeks roughly, pregnant with twins.” I address everyone here.

There’s shock among everyone’s faces. To varying degrees. Everyone seems to take the news well. Hailey and I are beaming with big smiles ourselves. Everyone chatters amongst themselves.

“If you have any questions before we leave feel free to ask until then.” I say to them as we head down off the stairs towards them. Everyone smiles wide as we get off the stairs.

Everyone congratulates us on the news of our twins. Hailey more then anyone gets hugged. She is so beautiful. She’s so happy and thanks everyone for the congrats about the babies. It doesn’t seem like anyone has any concerns about the rules or who to talk to about issues while we are gone. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if they are too scared to actually bring up any issues to us. Either way I’m sure it will run smoothly while we are away.

They are all professionals and we can trust them with our home and business. If something goes wrong then we also know who to talk to about it as well. Those who have congratulated us and hugged us, they slowly disperse to go home after a long day of work. Ivan is the only one left. Everyone else has cleared out, ready to hit the hay and enjoy their own families if they have one.

“Congratulations to you both. I’m happy you are having your own little ones. Twins is a lot to handle but you both will be amazing parents. If you ever have questions ask me any time alright.” Ivan says pulling us into a very rare hug. We each hug him back with big smiles as he gives us each a big smile as well.

“Of course, Ivan if we have any questions we will ask. You’re a good guy and we appreciate having you here.” Hailey tells him genuinely.

“You’re too kind Miss Hailey. I hope you have a good time on your vacation and have an even better anniversary. I know most won’t say that because you’re the bosses. I’ll keep an eye out and help when needed alright. Your home will be fine.” He says honestly.

“We’re honoured to have you apart of our staff and consider you part of our family Ivan. We appreciate you saying that you’ll keep an eye out. It warms my heart to have you here.” I tell him honestly appreciating all he’s done.

“I’m not an overly emotional person Mister Malakai but your going to make me cry. Please just enjoy yourselves. This place will be fine for one week.” Ivan tells us, his heart full of care and generosity.

“I’m glad to hear it Ivan.” I tell him. I pull him into another hug. He hugs me back. He pulls Hailey into another hug as well. He walks off, trying so hard not to cry. We really lucked out finding him. He is like family and so happy that he enjoys being here as well. Our home will be safe with him around. We will be able to relax properly and not worry about this place now with it being in the hands of people we trust.

I hold Hailey close and kiss the top of her head. She nuzzles her head into my chest. I can feel her gripping my shirt in her hands. Two little fists. It’s cute.

“Come on love, let’s get to bed and rest.” I say to her, rubbing her back slightly.

“Sounds good Daddy.” She tells me with a slight yawn. I take her arm in mine and we walk to our room slowly. When we get in, she takes off her clothing right away. She puts it where it goes. If you didn’t know about it you wouldn’t see the slight bump of our babies growing in her. But I see it and I love it.

She smiles wide to me, walking up to me and kisses my cheek. It’s nice to see everyone congratulate her. She does have a wonderful pregnant glow about her and it seems to be catching. The glow not the pregnancy and everyone around here is happy. Which is great, it’s making the guests enjoy it even more.

When she’s ready she lays in bed on her side, watching me get undressed as well. I lay behind her and wrap an arm around her waist. I place a hand over her slightly swollen uterus, smiling wide. Our twins are growing inside of her. We snuggle close to each other and enjoy this moment. Her breathing steadies and she’s fast asleep.

She seems to be able to fall asleep fast now when she’s snuggled close to me as I have my arm wrapped around her. I’m glad I can help her sleep so easily right now. I nuzzle into her neck and kiss her a few times. I lay my head down on my pillow with a smile as I trace her stomach.

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