Nightmare Mansion Massacre (#1 Mansion Series)

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Chapter 8. Couple Two


I place a kiss on his forehead before getting out of bed. Went to bed fairly late last night. I helped load the bodies after taking off the man’s clothing. But after that Mal wanted to take care of it on his own. I didn’t feel him come to bed, so I know he’s tired.

I place another kiss on his forehead before getting dressed. Have to burn there clothes later. I can get out at some point and put them into the fire place. Maybe we should wait to burn them, it does take a while before the clothes burn down enough to get ride of. Waiting is probably best. I walk into the closet. I put on a nice jean skirt and a floral shirt. The thin sleeves hang off my shoulders. Very cute. I put on some flats. I check on my love and he’s still fast asleep.

I head down into the café. Everyone is here chatting and eating. I take the seat closest to the kitchen. I don’t know why but I do love this spot. I can hear the kitchen staff talking and cooking, while I listen to the guests chat while eating. Sam comes and takes my order.

“Hello cutie. I’d like 2 scrambled eggs, sausages, extra hash browns and a glass of orange juice please.” I tell him as I lean forward playfully with a big smile. He writes it down in his note pad.

He smiles at me as he places my order. He checks on the other guests, as do a few other waiters. It’s nice to see this place having a lot of people in it. The music in the background is very pleasant as well. Not too loud but loud enough for those who have no one to talk with.

“Breaking news. Early this morning police found the bodies of 2 people. They were found nude with photos and statements of the crimes they have committed. They are also found dead. One has been mutilated by some sort of animal and the other beaten. The police haven’t found any leads as to who may have done this. Both victims have been identified and have no connection to each other, other then both having committed a crime. With the finding of the other couple a few days ago the police are no closer to figuring out how these people are being found or tortured. Do we have a vigilante on the loose, a saviour or a psychopath? Well this radio host hopes no more murders happen. Even if they are killing crooks.”

The radio host announces. Everyone in the café went quiet as they listened to the broadcast. Surprising that the couple was found so fast to be broadcasted. I guess it’s good though as well. It’s striking some fear in the town already.

As music starts to play again, the guests quietly talk about what they’ve heard. Some of them were here when the last announcement about the first couple was found. Even though they look a bit shook up, the atmosphere hasn’t changed. They aren’t in town so they don’t seem to be affected as much. I’m glad they aren’t as fearful as the people in town are claiming to be as of yet. Though the town doesn’t even seem to be all that in fear yet. Well it will only continue.

Will be interesting to see the paper tomorrow when the headlines strike with the nude criminals come out. Or the nude victims. It will be interesting to see what the papers will say about it.

Sam brings me my food and smile at me as he runs a hand through his hair nervously. Maybe I should talk to Mal about posting something about swinging. Or for those interested in having a little extra fun. See how that goes over. I eat my eggs and sausages. The guests are talking more about the murders wondering what crimes they had committed to end up the way they did.

Some seem interested that the killer is taking care of those who are committing crimes. Some think it’s horrible even though the victims did something bad. Seems pretty even about what the guests are thinking. Some think we are good Samaritans for taking those people out of society. Though they don’t know we did it, it’s nice to hear that some are glad.

I sip my juice enjoying the sounds of the café and kitchen. It’s nice to know there are people who are glad about what we are doing. Makes it all worth it. I finish up my eggs and sausage. I put a little ketchup on my plate and savour the hash browns. Mmm I love them, they taste so amazing. I bounce in my seat slightly.

I finish up my food and head upstairs. Mal is just waking up. It’s tiring having to pose the bodies just so and making sure no evidence is left of who we are. I give him a kiss on the cheek as I rub a hand along his back. He smiles and rolls onto his stomach.

I sit on his bum and run both hands along his back. He sighs softly as I massage his back deeply. Doing those two bodies was hard last night. No matter how many times I try to ask him to let me help he tells me no. Maybe now he will let me.

“The radio host during breakfast broadcasted the new murders found. Still outraged yet unsure if they should be happy that the scum is being taken care of.” I inform him.

“Mmm that feels nice baby. I know I heard it as well. I’m just glad we are able to take care of it.” He says. His back is tense from the work.

“Yeah I know. Your back is always in knots afterwards baby, maybe I should help more often with posing the bodies.” I suggest to him.

“Ok babygirl. Especially if we are going to be putting out more then one body at a time. I will need the help.” He says earnestly. I lean down and hug him tightly. He kisses the back of my hand.

“Thank you, Daddy. I will make you proud. Oh, I have a question and I know it may sound odd. Can we maybe put something up about having a get together or party to have sexual fun with others?” I ask nervously.

He looks back at me raising an eyebrow.

“It sounds interesting. I’ll put something together.” He says with a smile.

“Thank you, Daddy. I know it will be odd and we have to word it in a way that doesn’t sound weird.” I say massaging his neck.

He rolls over and pulls me to him. Holding me close as he kisses my forehead. I nuzzle my head into his neck enjoying his warmth from sleep.

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