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Here you can find scary stories that you can tell to your friends. It’s either creepy or scary. You decide…. (Every chapter will have a different story or will be told otherwise) Read with caution!! If you don't like scary stuff then please leave, this book is not for you!

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

My brother grew up terrified of water, I’m 4 years older than him and during the nightly battle for bath time when he was about 3 or 4. I asked him why is he so scared of the water (being a water baby as my mom put it I just didn’t understand) he looked at me and I remember this word for word;

“I was in a big unsinkable ship. We hit the biggest iceberg and then it was really busy and then I got really cold and wet I went to a warm bright places and waited until my next family came”

Mom heard it all and decided bath time is over. Creepy thing my brother was born April 15th 1992 - the Titanic sunk April 15th 1912.

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