After Night Falls

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A collection of stories about a world after the "Night Falls incident" where oddities start occuring around the globe and the world becomes a very different place.

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Prologue: An introduction.

Have you ever heard of a town called Night Falls? No? Neither had anyone else until the incident happened. Nobody really knows what happened to this day. All we know is that something happened in the small town of Night Falls, positioned inexplicably in the middle of a great desert with no outside connections. And we know what happened after.

Night Falls was an odd town to say the least, recovered information from its last moments speak of a town where odd things happened, trees sprouting from desert, a radio that wouldn't stop broadcasting some kind of news show that invariably drove its listeners mad, and the newspapers warning of a great "incident" about to occur.

Nothing survived "the incident." The cloud could be seen all the way from New York leading into a full investigation about the area.

What they found was a gaping hole in the earth, too deep to see the bottom of. Buildings scattered around the edge of the hole told pieces of the story. But not enough for anybody to piece together. We only know the name because it was scrawled on the old water tower slowly sliding into the abyss. "NIGHT FALLS" in huge letters.

One of the other buildings left weas some kind of supermarket, the shelves stripped bare, by looters the investigators claimed, until they turned around and saw that the shelves were full again. Where had been nothing but blank wood and dust stood cans, boxes and packets of everything a supermarket should have.

There was something wrong about Night Falls. That was the first hint.

The only other building that remained was what appeared to be the house of a regular family, pictures lined the walls showing a family enjoying their lives. The house was pristine. Had it not been for those photos you would've never known anybody lived there.

One of the investigators later reported taking a bite from an apple sitting on the counter, only to recoil in horror as its rotten, moldy flesh gave way. It was then the house's facade was shattered. The house was crumbling and dirty.It hadn't been touched in years.

The shattered pictures still showed a happy family, but in the background of every single one a shadowy figure got closer and closer. And as it did those smiles faded. And then so did the family. One by one they vanished from the photos. A long trail of blood led to the basement door, which was slowly opening. The investigator saw a single eye peering out of the gap before bolting out of the house. He got on the first ride out, still shaking.

But these stories are not important. What's important is what happened afterwards. It took about a month before the true effects of the incident on our world started to manifest. Contained in this book are tales of how the world changed, after Night Falls.

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