I saw a country walker

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Helen thought that living in the country was a reward so silent a night so I many animals her favourite was the dogs Helen and her family had 13 dogs and 10 cats little did Helen and her family know that there life was going to teen upside down

Horror / Drama
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Chapter one the perfect life

Helen always thought her life was perfect, she had everything she ever wanted she lived in the country with her family she had thirteen dogs and ten cats. One day Helen and her brother Christian went out to the pent house to let the dogs out to play Helen and Christian always took turns counting off the dogs to make sure that none of them got out it was Christian turn as he was counting off the dogs he looked puzzled “what is it”? Asked Helen as he told her that tow of the dogs were missing she said “ what the usually only one runs out and comes back when they hear us come out of the house” said Helen. “I’m sure it’s fine” said christan I guess he’s right thought Helen. Later that night Christian was looking out the window “ what ya thinking about” asked Helen “nothing really just I’m really worried about the dogs running loose like that”replied Christian “um excuse me your the one who said they’d be fine” snapped Helen,all Christian could do was look out the window and feel stupid. “I’m sorry Christian I didn’t mean for it to come off so rude” “just it’s fine just go” said Christian “okay” replied Helen. All Helen could think about was how rude she was to Christian she kept texting him from her room all night.

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