The Doll House

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The Perkins family recently move to Pennsylvania. One day, they go exploring with some neighbors and find this old antique shop. Legend says that it's haunted. Should they explore? Read more to find out. (This is my first story. Please enjoy).

Horror / Mystery
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(The first chapter might be a little bit boring, but keep on reading so you understand the next chapter.)

“Knock, Knock...”

“Kids, the twins are here,” yelled Mrs. Perkins. Piper and Robin rushed downstairs. They recently moved into a new house in Pennsylvania. They had no friends there except for their neighbor’s, Cole and Conner, who they met two weeks ago. Mr. Perkins opened the door and greeted them.

“You kids have fun,” exclaimed Mrs. Perkins. They were all teenagers attending the same school next year. Today, the twins were planning to give them a tour around here.

They hopped on their bicycles and rode down the block. “Hey, whats that building over there?” asked Robin. She was curious. The store was old and there was graffiti everywhere. Spiderwebs were hanging from the ceiling and the door knob was rusty, indicating that no one was here for a long time. “Lets check it out!” exclaimed Robin excitedly.

“Um, guys...I don’t think we should go in there," whispered Cole. "This place is creepy. No one has been here in years." It was getting cold and rain started falling from the sky. The kids where about 2 miles away from their home.

"We didn't bring any umbrellas. By the time we get home, we'll be soaked," Piper argued.

"Come on, scaredy-cat. It shouldn't be that bad," muttered Conner. He rolled his eyes. Him and his brother were the complete opposite, even though they were twins. Cole was nerdy and shy while Conner was a dare devil and a skater boy.

"Well, if you guys insist. But if anything happens, I'm NOT taking the blame," Cole announced.

They opened the door and stepped in. What could possibly go wrong?

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