Pool people (short story)

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My son told me about the pool was so scary but when my dog noticed it and I saw it man I was surprised so I looked into my house and boy I was shooked

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Pool people

I moved me and my son here to get a fresh start from his old school every one bullied him for his teeth condition there’s a pool and my son loves to swim but he was scared of the pool he said there was people standing at the bottom

of the pool and dead man floating on his face. I was creeped out I don’t know how but I almost believed him I was confused where he got that because he only watches Mickey Mouse club house so where the hell he got that from beats me. One night I decided to send my son off to his grandma house I was upstairs unpacking when I saw my dog Millie barking at the pool I went downstairs and out side I looked at the pool and what the hell I was so scared I saw exactly what my son described I grabbed my dog and ran inside grabbed everything I needed and went to my moms house with Millie I searched the web to look up my house and omg I can’t believe what I found my pool and house was built on top of a cemetery we moved and never went back

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