Where Shadows Fall

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The Rev of the Saw

We decided we would stay to fight for the ground was covered in giant branches and other useful things. We had made the worst mistakes of our lives: we overestimated ourselves... and we wouldn’t realize it until it was just too late. It came at us with the saw, Swift but not extremely fast, the heavy sound of the creatures breathing echoed through the forest and we look at each other and in sync with ourselves we all stated flatly: “Car.” We all dropped our weapons and sprinted in the direction of our transport... but it wasn’t over. We saw something that looked like a human dangling from a tree with a sign around its now mangled neck. Written in blood which we supposed was belonging to the dangling thing it read: “You’re Next!” Suddenly we saw car lights going down the road, we would’ve waved it down but fear got the best of us as we became aware of what seemed like more bodies swinging from the trees with the same signs. Rosco said with he himself who we never saw cry on the brink of tears: “We’re gonna die tonight...” And to be honest I think we were all thinking the same thing.

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